5 Facts Everybody Ignores About Psoriasis Cure

This post is about the 5 missing facts (almost) about psoriasis cause and cure which nobody cares about.

Psoriasis Gurus without much knowledge

I am not going to name calling anybody in this post but surely will give you the tips how to avoid the scammers and those who promote just general useless methods for improving the psoriasis.

Some of them are maybe just not informed enough or what but the others are doing the slow steps in order to brainwash you and buy useless products and follow useless tips.

You should never believe anything on the internet no matter how confident is the person who’s speaking to you. Always check the facts for yourself and make your own opinion.

The same goes about this blog where I present just my views on the subject. My opinions may not be right but it doesn’t mean that I am wrong. I can not guarantee you that everything shared on this blog is true even though I wish so.

I am just sharing my ideas and opinions.

I have to admit that real doctors win in this because they never claim they can cure psoriasis. All they say is that you can manage the disease with topical steroids, ciclosporine or eventually the last line of expensive biologic drugs but even then the clearing of the skin is not guaranteed.

However, most of those psoriasis gurus act as they know the way how to resolve everybody’s psoriasis.

1. Diet is not enough


If anybody tells you that diet will cure everything he lies to you.

Good diet greatly helps and is important but does not cure everything!

Maybe in the long run it can resolve most health problems but what exactly is the “long run”?

One month?

3 months?

Year or 5 years?

I am all for taking the supplements and I believe supplements may tremendously help and you can see the progress in much less time than just with diet.

I am not pushing any particular brand of the products or one seller and always strive to recommend you the effective and affordable supplements.

There is a lot of supplement brands and most of them have some good products for good price and some products which I do not recommend because I think that quality (effectiveness) of the formula could be better.

2. One miracle supplement does not exist


You may say “I know that there is no miracle supplement”.

So, why are you looking for and buying always some new supplements? Is there any other reason besides your wish that “maybe this will finally work”?

A lot of people think that if they benefited from some supplement then everybody will. This is simply not true because even though the pathogenesis of psoriasis is same down the stream, the processes leading to that part of biochemistry which everybody with psoriasis share may be very different.

I mean some people have heavily infected root canal tooth as source of endotoxins and some people have very inflamed small intestine which leaks the endotoxins into the blood.

So it would be stupid if I was telling everybody that the cause of psoriasis is leaky gut (inflamed small intestine) if there would be dental infection.

Those who had infected root canal tooth would never get well just by following the good diet.

3 Juicing will cure you?


No, it may help and even bring the body back to its natural balance but it is not the ultimate answer.

First, juicing the fruits is not so healthy because in order to get enough protein from fruits you would have to drink so much juice that the sugar content would be really unhealthy.

Also juicing the vegetables is not so healthy if you rely just on vegetable juice.

For example broccoli is one of the popular vegetables you can juice but it contains the chemicals which may be helpful if you ate 2 pounds (about 1 kg) of broccoli daily but probably not when drinking 1 liter of broccoli juice.

There was a case of 56 years old woman a few years ago whose liver enzymes were significantly up after drinking the broccoli juice for 4 weeks before liver tests.

After discontinuing the daily dose of 800 ml of broccoli juice the liver enzymes went back to normal within 15 days.[1]

One of the active compounds found in broccoli is sulforaphane which is produced by broccoli enzymes after damaging the plant cells.
The researchers found out that in terms of highest yield of sulforaphane it is best to let the pressed broccoli juice stand for 60 minutes. At that time the content of sulforaphane is about 4.5 mg per 100ml of juice. The content of sulforaphane vary in different parts of broccoli.[4]

If you would want more convenient way how to get sulforaphane or you

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4 Responses

  1. Joanie Wilson says:

    Are you familiar with Dierdre Earls of Your Healing Diet.com? She is a clinical dietitian who suffered from psoriasis for 30 yrs and has been in remission for 14 yrs. She does not sell supplements or tests; she is passionate about diet and has links to research from the finest research sources. She is worth looking into. There is a youtube with her teaching in Texas somewhere, which is very interesting. I do think that diet is very important,, and I have been very poor at keeping to one because I have a demanding situation as a caretaker to my son. I am preparing myself to do this and figure ways I can eat something different than what I have to prepare for others in the house in a flash. I think I am not alone in this struggle to effectively “try things”. Some people say they tried this diet or that, but perhaps did not do it consistently or for very long. I have had psoriasis for 42 yrs. This plant based, whole foods diet, is just common sense and yet, it is very hard for most of us to eat because we are surrounded by all kinds of foods that are not healthy for us ( no one would argue they are) . There is too much evidence that eating this way leads to better health all the way around.

  2. Joanie Wilson says:

    I guess I want to hold out some hope that diet could help. So many people do get well from all sorts of illnesses because of a diet. One says no meat, another says no grain etc… – and people who get well or greatly improve) on all the regimens. I think what is happening is that when people try a dietary approach they stop eating refined foods and junk and it is this that helps.

    • John says:

      Diet helps but not in everybody.

      Actually, many people with psoriasis tried different diets and they have psoriasis despite clean eating.

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