How to Dissolve Blood Clots and Thin the Blood Naturally

Most chronic diseases we cope with today are (in)directly caused by bad blood flow which is at least partially caused by hypercoagulation! Another factor in restricted blood flow is Autonomic Nervous System and adrenaline which constricts the blood vessels. Adrenaline also stimulates the platelet activation and aggregation.

Thick blood is a well known factor in psoriasis among many other chronic diseases! Sadly, doctors consider thick blood caused by hypercoagulation as problem usually only in health crises which present with immediate life-threatening symptoms like it is in case of pulmonary embolism.

You could read about the causes of hypercoagulation in my previous posts on this blog. Actually, the most common cause of vascular inflammation and hypercoagulation is dental infection or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth including the yeast overgrowth. As you may know psoriasis as chronic inflammatory condition is strongly associated with vascular inflammation and hypercoagulation.[2]

Endotoxins leak from root canal tooth or small intestine and activate the inflammatory pathways which ultimately lead to increased blood coagulation and thus thick blood which is hard to pump through the micro-vessels.[3]

Supplements to dissolve blood clots

Keep in mind that most herbs have blood thinning properties and therefore should not be combined with any blood thinning drugs (like Warfarin or Heparin). The same goes about the proteolytic enzymes so always consult your doctor about the supplements you would want to take!

Do NOT combine too many and DO NOT take too high doses of supplements which thin the blood significantly.



Nattokinase is purified from Japanese fermented soy food – Natto.

Nattokinase possesses strong fibrinolytic properties which is a well known fact for decades. Scientific papers concluded that Nattokinase is safe and might be used for treatment as well as prevention of embolism.[1]

Nattokinase may also positively affect the Alzheimer’s disease.[4]

Since psoriasis is usually accompanied by hypercoagulation taking Nattokinase might be helpful for the body.


Serrapeptase is produced by bacteria originally found in digestive tract of silkworm.

Serrapeptase is produced by bacteria originally found in digestive tract of silkworm.

Serrapeptase is another proteolytic enzyme which helps to attenuate the inflammation in the body and possesses also significant fibrinolytic activity.

Serrapeptase just like Nattokinase seems to have similarly positive effects on Alzheimer’s disease.[4]

There are also some testimonials on the internet from people who claim to significantly improve their psoriasis by taking Serrapeptase.


Lumbrokinase is produced by earthworm species.

Lumbrokinase is produced by earthworm species.

This proteolytic enzyme is less known but science says it has potential fibrinolytic effects.[5]

Lumbrokinase is purified from different earthworm species like Lumbricus rubellus.

The earthworms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


Bromelain is useful not just for psoriasis but also for joint pains.

Bromelain is useful for not just psoriasis but also for joint pains.

This enzyme extracted from pineapples is a popular anti-inflammatory supplement usually used for attenuating the pain of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Many people take bromelain for arthritis, osteoarthritis and asthma.

However, the blood thinning and blood clots dissolving effects of bromelain are great.[15]

Bromelain helps also with digestive issues and it is often added to other supplements like protein shake powders in order to help digest the protein.

Food industry uses bromelain as meat tenderizer.


Injectable heparin is used in hospitals but in Europe heparin creams and gels are sold as over-the-counter products.

Injectable heparin is used in hospitals but in Europe heparin creams and gels are sold as over-the-counter products.

Creams and gels containing heparin as active

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  1. james hawkins says:

    nattokwinase does not possess factors which make it ”quit” it’s function…it keeps on going when it shouldn’t…serratia peptidase a stronger and MUCH safer alternative!!

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