Forskolin Helps Repair the Neurons and Psoriasis

Peripheral neuropathy and psoriasis have at least one thing in common – both are driven by malfunction in nervous system.

So what should be the No. 1 priority? Appropriately functioning nervous system which requests the healthy and well build neurons.

Forskolin is one of the powerful supplements which helps in regeneration of damaged neurons.

I have some previous articles about the effects of forskolin on the body but one of the less known effects is that it helps with damaged neurons.

As you may know I consider psoriasis more a neuronal problem than immune problem because nervous system controls the immune system. You can read more about that in my previous posts tagged “autonomic-nervous-system”.

cAMP helps neurons

Increased levels of neuronal cAMP are present in injured peripheral nerves which may suggest that cAMP is involved in peripheral nerve regeneration. The scientists used forskolin as a powerful adenylate cyclase activator to increase the levels of cAMP even more. Forskolin produced a sustained 40% increase in the rate of sensory nerve regeneration in freeze-lesioned nerves. Researchers concluded that increase in cAMP levels and activation of related protein kinases stimulate regenerative nerve growth following the trauma.[1]

In another study the scientists concluded that the increase in cAMP levels may have neurotrophic effects (nerve growth promoting effects) on facial nerve regeneration in rats. The nerves in rats were completely transected and immediately sutured (nerves were cut and stitched back) and then topically treated with cyclic AMP and the analyses were done at 14th and 28th day after the procedure.

Statistical differences in behavioral and histometric analyses of the nerves were found on 14th day suggesting an early regenerative response of the facial nerve to cAMP. [2]

Facial nerve regeneration is not an easy process so everything which helps with this may have significant effect on facial nerves and even more pronounced also on other neurons like those found in the skin.

Forskolin in another study resulted in significantly increased numbers of regenerated axons compared with saline control.[3]



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