Leaky Gut is Recognized by Mainstream Medicine!

The myth of leaky gut being unscrupulously ignored by researchers and mainstream medicine is one of the most stupid things so called alternative medicine proponents ever said.

Leaky gut is not ignored by mainstream medicine or researchers!

Leaky gut was scientifically documented and accepted in scientific community long before most of those who are making money by selling ineffective “leaky gut” cures were born.

So why is there still a myth of leaky gut being ignored by science?

Because science does not like fancy names. On the other hand marketing handbooks and salesmen like only the fancy names in order to fool you.

Leaky gut is intestinal permeability

Leaky gut is officially called “intestinal permeability” and not “leaky gut”. That is why you rarely read words “leaky gut” in scientific papers.

Causes of leaky gut or intestinal permeability

There is not just 1 cause of leaky gut!

  • SIBO – due to antibiotics, stress, low bile flow…
  • Fungal and yeast overgrowth – due to antibiotics or stress
  • Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction/HPA axis dysregulation – caused by stress, deficiencies or drugs
  • Drugs – SSRI drugs, drugs affecting the cholinergic or adrenergic pathways, drugs affecting dopaminergic pathways, drugs affecting HPA axis,…
  • Liver problems – caused by bad diet or drugs
  • Bad diet – low fiber, too much starches, …
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Emotional stress

and more causes which are often interconnected!

SIBO is very well capable of causing the protein and vitamin deficiency which lead to amino acids deficiency and dysfunctional pathways of neurotransmitter production.

Like these three: dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline,…

Some bacteria are capable of blocking the dopamine breakdown which may induce the various psychoses and other mental disorders – schizophrenia, aggressiveness, anxiety, depression,…

It is similar like in cases of cocaine overdose but in case of infection induced dopamine overload the symptoms worsen over time and usually express slowly as progressing deterioration of mental performance, mental well-being and eventually physical health rather than sudden attacks of psychosis.

Bile acids and bile flow are essential

What is wrong with those blaming leaky gut for everything?

They usually say that it is the undigested protein molecules what causes the problems with inflammation and autoimmunity.

They completely ignore something very important… Endotoxins!

Researchers in laboratory use the endotoxins of various bacteria to experimentally induce the inflammatory response. However, when health “experts” of alternative medicine talk about the leaky gut and inflammation most of them never mention the endotoxins! They just repeat the same theories about the undigested proteins as a major cause of inflammation and even autoimmune reactions.

Bile acids found in bile are designed to help digest the fat and break down the endotoxins which would otherwise end-up in our bloodstream and cause inflammatory reaction.

That is why I urge to help liver and bile flow as top priority after resolving the dental infections (including the root canals).

Artichoke leaf, lecithin, B-complex, NAC (N-Acetylcysteine), Milk Thistle, Omega 3, L-Ornithine, Magnesium, Iodine… are the basic supplements for liver.

You can read more about the bile acids in my previous posts “Bile Acids toxicity, Endotoxins and Leaky Gut”, “Bile Acids Facts” and “Artichoke – Bile Flow Support for Vegans”.

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