I Am Done With Useless Facebook Health Groups


Because most people whether they have psoriasis or something else they are totally brainwashed and I have no will to continue commenting there and replying their questions just to get censored (my comments deleted or being kicked out of the group).

I was invited and used before just to help start the groups when they have just a few people. But then when the groups grew up and my opinions started to interfere with the business or whatever interests of the admins I became unacceptable.

I am not saying that I am 100% right, maybe I am 0% right in my opinions but I would like others to argue with scientific studies and valuable arguments bringing some value or food for thought.

Up to this point for almost 2 years on Facebook I was NEVER – not ONCE – confronted by someone who would bring some scientifically documented facts that proved me wrong.

I have no problem admitting when I am wrong.

That is why I ask you to write me in the comments under my articles your criticism and provide links to studies your opinions are based on.

So, if you think I am wrong in any of my articles please share your knowledge in the comments. I will do my best to correct the articles.

Better to follow ineffective easy way…

People like easy solutions to everything.

That is why they are still ill, because they follow those “top” protocols and dismiss anything new because they BELIEVE they get healthy the way they have choose…

Health does not work like that.

If your previous theory is breaking down you must let it go and try something new which seems to make best sense at that point.


What use it is to follow Iodine protocol, Ceruloplasmin protocol, Whole food vitamin C, Magnesium protocol, vitamin D protocol, paleo diet, SCD diet, …if they do not work for you?

People often develop dry skin on high doses of Iodine but the quacks on Facebook will tell you it is “detox symptom”?!

It may so be but most probably it is the symptom of taking too much Iodine and this does not do any good!

The same is Magnesium protocol.

Magnesium citrate does not work? Then take magnesium glycinate,…then magnesium oil transdermally,… then increase the dosage,…

Maybe the cause why magnesium does not work is because you have enough of magnesium and the culprit lies somewhere else.

And do I need to mention the Ceruloplasmin protocol which is promoted across so many Facebook health groups?

It became so popular because people like easy step by step guides to follow and they believe it will resolve all their problems… well they won’t get healthy this way.

Health recipe can not be scripted on one page of paper and everybody who think otherwise is an idiot.

There is one big problem with that ceruloplasmin protocol floating around the Facebook – it does not directly involves liver health which is a big mistake!


Because liver is the main organ of ceruloplasmin regulation, however those people seems to omit this fact and try to hack the ceruloplasmin levels directly.

They are obsessed with levels of ceruloplasmin, copper and iron but they do not care about the fact that LIVER is the major organ taking care of homeostasis of these 2 elements (copper and iron) as well as ceruloplasmin.

What is the purpose of that?

Because anything meaningful comes up to my mind about that.

And don’t make me start with whole food vitamin C.

They (Facebook “experts”) don’t even know what vitamin C really is. It is Ascorbic Acid – nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

However, they came up with an idea of “whole food vitamin C”. Yes, it is an Ascorbic Acid with plant antioxidants – but it is still an Ascorbic Acid what you will get in the bottle with fruit powder and pay for it 20x more.

My approach to Psoriasis

If we know that TNF-alpha inhibitors improve psoriasis maybe I should build all this blog upon directly decreasing the TNF-alpha levels with supplements.

Maybe I should push Turmeric (active ingredient Curcumin) as the TNF-alpha inhibitor in every one of my articles…

If 1 teaspoon of Turmeric didn’t work for you maybe you should increase the dosage until it starts to work – 2 pounds (1 kg) of turmeric daily?


We need to correct the underlying problem – nervous system, digestion, dental infections and overloaded liver with endotoxins!

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4 Responses

  1. Lori Castellano says:

    I agree with you and would love to hear more.

  2. Janet says:

    Hi, me again. Just had a flair up. I have been eating those tomatoes which are delicious from our garden. Also I just took myself off of LDN which my doctor had me start. I just ordered Dr. Axe’s “Heal your Gut” protocol, without the supplements. I get a dull headache with Selenium, Melatonin and The usual Vit E. Still waiting for it to arrive. Will let you know if it works.

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