Monthly Archive: August 2016

You Didn’t Cure Your Psoriasis?

One of the most asked questions I get from you readers is if I am completely free of psoriasis? This is not the most accurate question; or may I should say that you really do not ask the question you want to know the answer for? Why that question is not the most accurate? Because after I answer you might...


The Most Effective Supplements for Psoriasis You Might Want to Try

If you want to know the details why I consider these supplements as the most effective for psoriasis read the previous blog posts. Best Supplement Protocol for Psoriasis This is for those psoriatics who ask the answer “how to clear up psoriasis fast and easy?”. Some of the supplements below you probably tried already with some (un)success in order to...

This Psoriasis Blog Ends! Thank You!

After more than 3 and a half years this blog reached the finish line. The original idea of this blog was to build a place where I would share my views on psoriasis and to show people that psoriasis can be totally reversed because it is just an unconventional state of the body caused by some reasons. I was hoping......

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