Really Bad Digestion, Hunger, Aggressiveness – Psoriasis Questions #1

Recently I got the next question from one reader of this blog…


I have a long-term psoriasis with associated problems like bad digestion when I have a gas after every meal no matter what I eat.

I do not think I have a dental infection at this point.

I am hungry and have to eat every 3 hours because otherwise I feel weak. I must eat something sweet to bring the energy back.

I also feel often depressive and get aggressive.

I want to try artichoke, sunflower lecithin, B-complex, omega 3 supplement, magnesium and I would also like to try something for my blood sugar levels.

Do you think some amino acids and protein supplement would be OK since I am very skinny?

What do you think about an ayurvedic supplement – Triphala – for digestion?



I am not a doctor so these are just my thoughts.

If there is a gas after eating “whatever” then probably even the basic starches are not digested properly.

Being hungry and craving to eat sugar (sweet foods) may indicate hypoglycemia, insulin resistance (caused usually by infection – SIBO, yeast/fungal or dental infection) and deficiencies (mostly B-vitamins).

Depression and aggressiveness is usually accompanied/caused by hypoglycemia.

Depression is caused by more like long-term hypoglycemia over months or years.

Adrenaline makes the body unresponsive to its effects (to normal levels of adrenaline) and this may cause depression.[1, 2] It is a known fact that administration of adrenaline “cures” depression in seconds. But his effect lasts just a few minutes or maybe hours.

There is not a lot of research in this field but many people have experienced the feeling how they get stimulated in some “fight” situations where adrenaline is being released by the body in huge amounts.

Aggressiveness is strongly linked to adrenaline – everybody knows that – so not much to say here. It is a fight-or-flight hormone and neurotransmitter.

Blood sugar imbalances are usually caused by infection (SIBO, dental infection) and deficiencies like those of B-vitamins but chromium improves insulin resistance as well.

The point is to eat hypoglycemic diet – brown rice, fat and protein with meals,… protein shakes are really good.

Sadly, the foods like brown rice have their advantages over white rice in terms of being hypoglycemic, but are harder to digest and may feed the bacteria (SIBO) more during the time they are moving through the intestines.

Another problem may be in those who have really messed up digestion that they can get less energy of those foods due to low absorption of those foods. White rice is more like pure starch so it is easier to digest than brown rice which has still a bran on its outer shell.

The causes of Being skinny

There is a lot of causes why some people and especially those with some chronic inflammation are skinny.

1) SIBO creates a lot of problems in the body:

– overgrown bacteria eat your protein before you digest it!

– hormonal imbalances and catabolic state of the body (cortisol, lactic acidosis…)

– bad digestion = bad absorption of nutrients

2) B-vitamin deficiencies
3) Other deficiencies – vitamins and mostly minerals
4) Stressful situations
5) Not eating enough calories and protein

I did not take Triphala so I can not say how much it would help the digestion.

I do not think Triphala could be some miracle for psoriasis. It is a herbal supplement and just like artichoke it needs some time to see the results.

The most important in my opinion is:

1) Not to focus on diet as the most important thing in LIFE!

Eat healthy, but do not make everything else passing by you just because of diet.

Try to enjoy life as much as you can and do not focus on diet too much. There is so

There is still another 227 words in this article!

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4 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    I like your answer to the above question. My first impression was that the person in question was celiac. Celiac can cause depression and poor digestion. I also thought this person has other food sensitivities to cause problems in the stomach.
    I will be tested the end of next month for allergies with blood and urine. I have so many food allergies.

    Glad to have you back. Janet

    • John says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      I think that there is a big hype regarding the celiac disease.

      There is really not so many people who have celiac disease.

      Being somehow intolerant to gluten, wheat or/and other grains does not make a person celiac.

      Inflamed small digestion will cause a lot of problems – digestive, immune, nervous,…

      Small intestine inflammation lead to leaky gut and person may and often will react to many foods because it is like having the food particles (proteins) administered under the skin or into the blood.

      Ultimately it is all about the liver and how much burden it can take care of. Once the liver can not keep up with the rate of endotoxins, chemicals, food proteins… which leak through the intestines into the body that is the point when problems start to appear.

  2. Patti says:

    So glad to see you posting again John and thank you for all your hard work.. My question pertains to what supplement to use to support the liver. Milk thistle is always the go to remedy for the liver but if it causes excess estrogen then what is the alternative? Again, thanks for all you do.


    • John says:


      There is a lot of other options instead of Milk Thistle.

      Antioxidant properties have a lot of natural substances. Berries, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage,… but keep in mind that if you decide to juice the vegetable like broccoli it may be easy to take too much! I would not drink 1 liter of broccoli juice daily like some people might want to.

      There are still many supplements – artichoke leaf extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, lecithin, Liv.52 (formula consisting of a few herbs/plants), lecithin, Ursodeoxycholic acid (need prescription usually), Turmeric, N-Acetylcysteine, Barberry, Dandelion,… and even the essential oils.

      I did not check every supplement/herb mentioned above for its possible estrogenic effects but I doubt that any would have as strong as Milk Thistle.

      Keep in mind that estrogen-like compounds have most if not all plants – even wheat. It is not just soy which has estrogenic isoflavones in it.

      How much of them and how strong those estrogen-like compounds are is what really matters. Milk Thistle is not worthy for liver in my opinion, especially for men.

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