Nutrition and Diet In Chronic Inflammatory Health Problems

It does not matter if you have psoriasis, some other health problem or you are 100% healthy person. Your body still needs all 3 macronutrients – carbohydrates, fats and protein – which you should eat regularly.

You can not fool the body and decide that you do not need protein, healthy fats or source of carbohydrates in your diet.

There are many people who promote vegetarian, vegan, raw-food diet, low-fat diet, low-protein diet, low-carb diet, etc… and not single one is the right diet.

What is the most common result of those diets when followed by people without the proper knowledge?

Lean body, no fat, no muscles, usually weak physical performance and often weak mental performance as well.

Sure, some people may jump on a raw food diet and feel great, but many others and a lot of those with chronic degenerative disease feel hungry, experience hypoglycemic episodes and lose weight even though they might be lean already.

Being protein deficient does not mean that you will die in a few days, weeks or even years.

Protein deficiency manifests often as weak and soft muscles, mental problems (often due to ammonia toxicity caused by Ornithine deficiency, serotonin excess or deficiency, dopamine excess or deficiency,…), constant hunger, inability to put on weight despite eating a lot of carbohydrates, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, hormonal imbalances, impaired detoxification, and many other symptoms.

Similar problems may arise if you are omega essential fatty acids deficient or eating a low-carb diet. If you are not the Eskimo the chances are that your body won’t thrive on high-protein, high-fat and low-carb diet.

A lot of people who decide to follow the low-carb diet develop the hormonal imbalances so actually they end-up with additional health problem on their supposedly healthy new diet.

It is possible to follow the vegan raw-food diet and still be healthy and good-looking but keep in mind that many people would need an expensive, processed (even still raw) vegan protein powders to gain weigh or keep some reasonable amount of muscles.

So ask yourself if the raw-food vegan diet is right for you?

Supplements vs Food

fish_supplement_betterAfter you read this article you might think that I have been talking mostly about the supplements and not nutrition or food.

The thing is that when trying to resolve some chronic health issues it may be very useful to have as much control over the process and dosages of each individual nutrient as possible.

Mostly if you want to make sure you get the sufficient amount of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

B-vitamins and SIBO

Especially the B-complex vitamins (and K vitamin) are usually needed to be taken in supplements. It is so due to fact that many of these B-vitamins are meant to be primarily produced naturally in the intestines by healthy bacterial flora.[4]

Now you see where I am going with this… yeast overgrowth, SIBO, inflamed intestines.

If you have the overgrowth of bad microbes in your intestines the chances of getting adequate doses of vitamins (without the supplements) just from the food and intestinal flora are greatly diminished.

If you have bad digestion, SIBO, yeast overgrowth the microbes will rob even the B-vitamins found in the food you eat or take in supplements.

Digestive health is really important (along the dental health).

Protein and SIBO

The same goes about the protein…

Yes, you may be very well a protein deficient person despite eating a 1/2 lbs (225 grams) of meat daily.

It is not about what you eat, it is all about what your body is able to absorb into the blood and assimilate in the tissues.

Bad digestion means bad absorption and assimilation of nutrients. You know the steak does not break down into the amino acids on its own. Body must

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