Potentially Unsafe Legal Stimulants And Adaptogens Used By Psoriatics

A lot of people with chronic diseases including psoriasis are trying to find some magic supplement or drug which could at least improve their health. Some of them may become easily acutely unsafe and the others may cause long-term negative side effects which are not necessarily life-threatening.

The next list is compiled according to my experiences what people are the most interested in.

Keep in mind that EVERY substance in the world including the water has its lethal dose. Therefore the next list does not include death as one of the negative side effects of any substance mentioned below.

This post is not intended as recommendation for use of any herb, supplement or substance mentioned below!

Ephedrine is illegal or controlled substance in many countries around the world! I am not recommending anybody to buy or use Ephedra herb or ephedrine!

Who cares that ephedrine improves diabetes and regenerates the pancreas? Nobody because ephedrine is a natural chemical which can not be patented and generate huge income.

It is funny how governments are trying to ban so many supplements containing just natural ingredients like they did in case of Ephedra sinica. Ephedra was used as a popular stimulant and fat-burner for many years and has its place in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

However, governments banned its sale due to allegedly high risk of cardiac arrest when overdosed. Well, everything if overdosed may have fatal outcomes even pure water.

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