Cocaine: The Significance Of Drug Use In Development Of Psoriasis

If you have psoriasis and take cocaine you may ask yourself if it is important to mention that fact to your dermatologist.

There are the obvious reasons why you may not want to share the information about your drug use with anybody including your doctor.

  • Cocaine is an addictive drug which is illegal in most countries in the world. Besides many others it causes the heart problems including the fatal heart attacks.
  • This article DOES NOT promote taking cocaine neither any other illegal substance.
  • Everything in this article is for informational purposes only!
  • Those with cocaine addiction should find a professional help.

Well, my opinion based upon research on the internet is that cocaine use is not a high risk factor for development of psoriasis. It surely depends on the dosages, because occasional drug use is something entirely different than severe cocaine addiction which means daily drug abuse in high dosages.

That does not mean it is safe to take cocaine once in a while.

Heart problems and specifically the fatal heart attack are one of the most common ways how cocaine kills. And you may accidentally kill yourself even with the first dose in your life.

“Cardiovascular complications associated with cocaine use.”
Image Source: Richard A. Lange, L. David Hillis. Sudden death in cocaine abusers. European Heart Journal (2010) 31, 271–273

But cocaine use is not just about the accidental deaths.

Messing with the levels of neurotransmitters may have really long-term and even permanent effects on your nervous system. In some people taking one dose of some drug (cocaine, methamphetamine, extasy,…) or even prescription or OTC drug may lead to chronic anxiety (PTSD…), depression, psychosis,…

And eventually also the physical health problems develop due to malfunctioning nervous system and constant anxiety caused by Sympathetic Nervous System dominance (fight-or-flight).

Often it is easier to cure the depression caused by inflammation (SIBO, root canal tooth, cortisol resistance…) than the depression which was induced by some (recreational) drug.

Drugs are no joke!

Why not to use cocaine

  • illegal in most countries in the world
  • highly addictive
  • causes the fatal heart attacks
  • contributes to many other health problems
  • virtually all street cocaine is cut with various toxic substances
  • does not solve the underlying problem of low energy, low motivation, anxiety or depression
  • short half-life and duration of effects lead to fluctuating levels of neurotransmitters when not administered repeatedly in right dosages (this is not possible to do!)

The effects and symptoms of cocaine abuse

There is a lot of effects and symptoms of cocaine use. One of the easiest ways how to spot a cocaine user is hoarse voice – just notice how many celebrities have kinda “funny” voice.

And the effects mentioned above in the picture are just the effects of pure cocaine.

Considering the fact that most cocaine is cut with something else you may add to the “side-effects” of cocaine use nose bleeds, anxiety, diarrhea and vomiting.

The more often one uses cocaine the worse he feels once the effects wear off. This may lead to profound depression which eventually makes the person willing to do anything to get the drug.

Two ways how people with psoriasis may meet with cocaine

  • Since psoriasis goes hand in hand with adrenal, hormonal and neurotransmitter problems (Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction [1]) many psoriatics may experience low energy, low motivation, anxiety and depression as well. And what recreational drug may “resolve” all that? Cocaine.
  • The other scenario why somebody with psoriasis take cocaine is when cocaine user develops psoriasis. This may happen due to fact that cocaine dysregulates the processes in the body so much

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