Stressful Job, Raynaud’s disease, Paleo and Vegan Diets Failed – Psoriasis Questions #2


I have psoriasis for almost 20 years, tried paleo and vegan diet, gluten-free and dairy-free diet but nothing really worked.

My psoriasis is not severe but I have the Raynaud’s disease, nail fungus, social anxiety, worsened memory and hear some “whooshing” sounds.

I have normal weight, however I experience also a constipation and bloating.


Ear Whooshing

I don’t know what you mean by “ear whooshing” but if it is something like tinnitus then it might be caused by the same underlying problem as Raynaud’s disease – diminished blood flow into the tissues.

It is caused by Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysfunction (just like the Raynaud’s disease) and this may be one mechanism.

That ear whooshing sound may be caused also by the build-up of ear wax.

The hydrogen peroxide 3% diluted further with water 1:4 will soften the ear wax. Just put a few drops in the ear while lying on one side and wait about 5 minutes.

Then you may use a syringe (without a needle of course) filled with warm water – the point is to squirt the stream of water into the ear fast – this will remove the loose ear wax and clean up the ear canal.

Or if you want you can buy this product specifically designed to clean up the ears of wax.

Do not use this procedure if you have some serious ear problems of course. In that case you should go to see a doctor to find out what the problem might be.

Diet, chronic inflammation and genetic expression

Unfortunately, in many cases of psoriasis the diet is not enough.

There is a thing called genetic expression, down- and up- regulation of genes and biochemical pathways. Read my comments under the article “You Didn’t Cure Your Psoriasis?”.

Once the body progresses to the point of chronic inflammation and serious Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction reversing that inflammation and psoriasis and keeping them at bay forever may get tricky or very hard.

I mean, you may clear up your skin and keep it clean for years,  but it may take a little (like catching some virus or Streptococcus pyogenes – strep throat) and the subsequent inflammatory pathways may lead to recurrence of psoriasis in a few days.

That’s why I admire galantamine which is one of the best or perhaps the best thing one can get to decrease the inflammation, re-balance the Autonomic Nervous System and push the body’s biochemistry more towards the anti-inflammatory state.

If you have fungus on nails it also depends on which ones? Foot, hand, left,… exactly which nails?

Dental infections or spinal disc degeneration may impair the blood flow into the specific fingers and nail beds thus allowing the fungus to grow in there.

Psoriasis is caused by or at least accompanied by fungi and that “nail fungus” is really a fungus and not a “nail psoriasis” like most people say.

Memory problems and terrible name and word recognition may be linked to acetylcholine deficiency or some sort of dysfunction of cholinergic pathways; acetylcholine is needed and is essential for anti-inflammatory pathways to work correctly in the body through the alpha-7-nicotininc acetylcholine receptor. This may shut down the psoriasis processes and clear up all the skin in a few days!

That is why smoking may clear up psoriasis in some people.

You can read more about acetylcholine, galantamine, nicotine and ephedrine and their anti-inflammatory properties in my article “How Ephedrine, Galantamine and Nicotine Treat Inflammation in Psoriasis”.

But I do not recommend nicotine or ephedrine (which is illegal in many countries) for that purpose if there is any better way.

Infections cause the anxiety disorders


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