PCOS with psoriasis

20 year battle with psoriasis and PCOS

I have PCOS and psoriasis

Hi John,

I have psoriasis for 20 years and PCOS even longer.

I found your website and started taking Betaine HCl, Ox Bile, lecithin and methylation supplements (B12 and folate).


After one month on these supplements my bloating and bowel movements improved but my psoriasis is still the same – inflamed, itchy, one day better the other day worse again.

I have had psoriasis on my scalp but now it seems to spread into my eyebrows and onto my forehead.

Is it a normal die-off reaction which is needed before psoriasis goes away?

You mentioned that psoriasis can be healed in 3 months but after that do I need taking the supplements forever?

I have also PCOS since my teenage and now the research suggests that it might be connected to gut health.

I was taking a multiple courses of antibiotics as a child for my recurrent tonsillitis.

I have also a hypothyroidism which I probably causes my weight gain despite good diet.


Thank you for your response!



This was one of the e-mails I have received some time ago.

As you can see psoriasis and other chronic diseases may be present for decades without any real improvement.


Because doctors don’t know what is the cause of those diseases and how to cure them.

Well, doctors might not know the causes but the research is there and we can find a lot of answers there.

What’s sad is that chronic inflammation ties the most chronic diseases together but very most doctors still practice the medicine their way without finding the cause of that inflammation in each and every one patient.

Here is my reply to Kate…


PCOS, Psoriasis…


sorry for late reply. Recently I have not been responding to most questions excluding from the paid subscribers… but I keep in mind to get back to all old e-mails.

It is hard to give you some hints without knowing more information (it takes more than an e-mail or two).


Generally, psoriasis plaques should NEVER spread before all psoriasis disappear. I really don’t believe in any die-off reaction if the things are done right.

The problem is if something creates more inflammation (blood sugar swings, bile acids from supplement, endotoxins, yeast die-off…) then psoriasis may worsen temporarily before it gets better but it is impossible for me to say if this is your case.

However, I never experienced this personally, so I can’t say.

My psoriasis got worse only when I missed something like my hypoglycemia promoting diet and the consequences of blood sugar swings worsened it.


No, you may not need to take supplements forever. Once you heal your psoriasis it is over but this toxic world “asks” for supplementation of various supplements even in healthy people in my opinion. Psoriasis may return and sincerely there is pretty good chance of returning but if you have a good diet, avoiding drugs and take some supplements once in a while you should never develop the severe psoriasis. Maybe some small bumps near the hair follicles.


If you ever had a recurrent tonsillitis this might be caused by leaking stomach acid (silent heartburn) which damages the protective layer on tonsils and throat. Burning ears is one of the symptoms of silent heartburn.


Antibiotics (including penicillin) are neurotoxic so they may mess up the nervous system and also often induce the fungal overgrowth.


I did not study PCOS so I can not tell you my opinion what is really going on behind the scene so to speak.

But as the genes can not be changed I would always with any chronic disease focus on infection, deficiency and toxicity. Mostly infections including the endotoxemia – whether it is caused by dental infection or bacteria in the small intestine.


Waking up to go to pee during the night is a symptom of hypoglycemia. Of course, if you drink a lot of water in the evening it is not a symptom of hypoglycemia.


Hypothyroidism, uncontrollable weight gain and PCOS all are related to hormonal system.

And what is the most common cause of hormonal imbalances?

Inflammation caused by bad digestion – gut.

People develop heartburn, hypoglycemia, flatulence… bad digestion (yeast, bacteria – SIBO) yet doctors ignore those symptoms and will treat the fungal infection on your feet with antifungal creams rather than treat a patient inside-out.

As they say “if you are green outside, you are green on the inside as well”.



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