Psoriasis and Liver: Ray Peat On Liver Health

Psoriasis pathogenesis involves the liver problems – there is no doubt about it! But how exactly do liver functions deteriorate to the point of developing psoriasis in persons who lived a relatively healthy or average lifestyle? I mean no alcohol, not heavily overeating on sugar and no drugs…

Ray Peat will tell you why and how liver functions start to lack.

Sure, emotional stress or diet low in nutrients is at the core of the problem.

Can you guess what nutritional deficiencies are usually at the beginning?

Here is a transcript of what Ray Peat is saying in the next excerpt of his interview for one radio.

The liver to the extent that it’s injured will ruin the whole organism. It’s the the chemist for the whole organism and if you’re starving and not getting enough protein especially or not enough B vitamins your liver loses the ability to detoxify and you get gross hormone imbalances.

And that can lead to a progressive inflammation, fibrosis and as these processes get more serious the liver becomes a larger source of nitric oxide.

And at the point that it’s becoming inflamed and cirrhotic then it starts secreting nitric oxide to the whole system.

And the lungs with an acute injury to the liver, the lungs will become acutely inflamed.

When they transplant a liver they’ve measured the sick person’s nitric oxide very high when they put in a new liver suddenly the nitric oxide is low and the lungs suddenly begin working more efficiently. Demonstrating that the liver is poisoning the lungs so that the oxygen doesn’t get through efficiently.

And with the brain the same thing is happening edema is produced in the brain by the endotoxin-nitric oxide combination.

The ammonia produced by the liver which is being injured was a traditional explanation for why the brain has problems in proportion to the liver.

But now it’s known that the ammonia is activating the nerves that are excited by the glutamic acid – MSG excitatory amino acid – and those excitatory amino acids act largely through nitric oxide.

And so a depression, anxiety and I assume aggression is a part of this mixture of gradual poisoning to different degrees.

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