About my psoriasis

My psoriasis started in early 2007 on the lower legs. It looked like acne for me since it progressed relatively slowly and I didn’t know what it was. It even didn’t bother me absolutely what it was. Sometime around September 2007 when I was suspecting it is psoriasis I tried some tea detoxification program, however it has absolutely no effect at all. That time I was thinking it is psoriasis since it got worse (the lesions on the legs got bigger).

In December of 2007 psoriasis has spread on the forearms and was worsening progressively. Then I discovered that the dandruff on my head is probably psoriasis too. Since the tea drinking I didn’t use any topical treatments or oral drugs at all because the psoriasis despite its spreading didn’t bothering me that much. Also I never went to doctor to diagnose it as psoriasis, but I was told many times by many people and doctors that it is psoriasis.

Again in August of 2011 I tried to cure it since I got other health problems. I tried to drink various teas and took the vitamins. It didn’t help psoriasis but the other symptoms got a little, however noticeable better.

Since then I started to research extensively the internet for all the information. I was trying various supplements, foods, diets, fasting etc. to find out how it all affect the psoriasis. On this blog you can read the articles about my experiences.