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Dead sea and psoriasis

Dead Sea Vacation for Psoriasis May Cause High Cholesterol

This post is to show you how easy it is to get misdiagnosed on cholesterol blood tests due to increased intake of iodine. Whether you go on a vacation by the sea or supplement the iodine from the bottle the results may be exactly the same. You can read about the effects of iodine on cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque formation in my previous post “Iodine dissolves atherosclerotic plaque thus increasing cholesterol levels”. So read this article while keeping this in...

Iodine tincture drop

Iodine Dissolves Atherosclerotic Plaque thus Increasing Cholesterol Levels

Many of you probably never heard of this but iodine prevents or significantly inhibits the atherosclerosis plaque development which is associated with heart diseases. Iodine helps to dissolve the cholesterol which directly affects the atherosclerosis plaque formation. Cleaning up the blood vessels of cholesterol plaque is crucial for proper blood flow. I can never urge enough the importance of proper blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues for people with psoriasis. Iodine deficiency does not really mean just the thyroid...