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What You Wish

What you wish, well that’s what you wish,what you feel, that’s what wishes the whole universe.

YouTube Videos You Should See to Understand This Disease Epidemic

During my research about the health and psoriasis I found out a lot of videos that are very informative and actually tell the hidden stories about the current world health crisis. Some of the information from the videos can be considered as the conspiracies but how could you possibly explain the epidemic of cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc. without questioning...

Why and How I Was Banned From Psoriasis Forum

Psoriatics can be really narrow minded people when it comes to psoriasis, its cause and cure. Whether they are so stupid, paid or whatever they don’t do a good job for the psoriasis discussion boards which is a discussion about psoriasis. Psoriasis Forum Kicked Me Out One user accused me of being just a supplement seller and promote the various...