Adrenal Fatigue Is Bacterial Infection

This post will be just a short overview why you should stop hunting the useless supplements and protocols for adrenal “fatigue”:

Animal glandular tissue, hormone replacement therapies, infinite B12 injections, Rhodiola rosea, Siberian ginseng, licorice root, etc….

Don’t get me wrong some of those supplements are very helpful when used right but rarely completely resolve the underlying problem. They may work for some time and after that people usually just up the dosages in hope they need to take “more of this and more of that” to get better.

You should understand that adrenal “fatigue” is caused by toxicity and deficiency just like every other chronic disease! In other words: adrenal fatigue is caused by bacterial infection.

Adrenal “fatigue” caused by endotoxin induced inflammation

The scientific paper “Characterization of the LPS-induced inflammation of the adrenal gland in mice.” describes the aspects of endotoxemia and associated adrenal gland insufficiency.[1]

The authors concluded that adrenal dysfunction which is so often present in critically ill patients including the patients with sepsis may be the result of LPS induced inflammation.

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