This Psoriasis Blog Ends! Thank You!

After more than 3 and a half years this blog reached the finish line.

The original idea of this blog was to build a place where I would share my views on psoriasis and to show people that psoriasis can be totally reversed because it is just an unconventional state of the body caused by some reasons.

I was hoping that there is enough open minded people who understand and/or try to challenge my opinions but now I know that I was wrong.

The very most of you were just asking me questions via e-mail and I did my best to answer EVERY ONE of you. If I somehow forgot about anybody’s e-mail please forgive me I have tried to answer everybody.

Very most of you did nothing for this blog. No, I wouldn’t ask you for money. Maybe if you just shared a link to some post you liked that would help a lot more. The articles about the new shoes of some celebrity are probably more meaningful to share.

I am not mad, there are the successful projects and the unsuccessful projects.

I do not think this one was unsuccessful. It helped a few people and I am glad for that.

I understand that a lot of ideas presented here, even though I built all of them upon scientific data, are at least years ahead of a common sense of people in 2016. Perhaps in 20 years they will finally understand…

Nowadays, most of you are concerned about gluten, ascorbic acid, sugar, Candida,… and believe that magnesium, iodine, hemp oil and probiotics will cure you of everything.

People like everything fake, fake news, fake hopes, fake lives, … even fake designer jewelry… because they got it for less. Yes, you got it for less because it is fake! The soul and spirit of that jewelry is not there…

The same is psoriasis and other chronic health problems – you can not clear up psoriasis the fake way.

As much as I would wish you that I think it won’t happen.

You are infected with man-made pathogens and breathe man-made chemicals (including those specifically created to make you sick), your HPA axis is stressed by the TV you watch, your work, need for money to pay your bills…then you mess up your cortisol production and you are in a vicious circle of inflammation and bad digestion which creates more inflammation…so the best thing you can do is to support the liver functions in EVERY chronic health condition.

You have no idea what a problem the endotoxins I was always talking about are. One bacterial cell has about 2 millions of lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin) molecules… and you didn’t care!

Do NOT forget about the dental infections and specifically the root canal teeth which are deadly in a lot of cases! You may live 20 years relatively healthy with a root canal but keep in mind that the cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease you may develop 20 years from now may be caused by one of your root canal teeth full of bacteria.

There is not and never be a unique protocol for psoriasis.

And do you know why I never compiled any diet on a website called

Because I didn’t want people to generally believe in some protocol or diet. One diet does not fit to everybody in every stage of their lives.

There is no universal diet for psoriasis…

Wait maybe there is … sure there is – it is a HYPOGLYCEMIC diet!

Hypoglycemia is involved in many mental and physical health problems!

Hypoglycemia causes and is caused by deficiencies (like B-vitamins); adrenaline and cortisol imbalances and insulin resistance (inflammation and endotoxins).

If you have not read the book Adrenaline Dominance then buy it and read it (I am NOT saying you should use the Progesterone cream which is mentioned in the book).

Also you can go on or read the articles about hypoglycemia by Jurriaan Plesman on Google Docs.

The reason why this blog ends is purely practical – I have to do the other work because everybody needs money to buy something to eat.

I gave this project over the 5 000 hours of research and creating the content which cost directly or indirectly some money.

I have tried to keep this project alive with Premium Membership but seems like 4.2 USD per month is too much for people reading this blog on their high-end 1 000 dollar smartphones and iPads while drinking the coffee for 5 USD and eating a 7 dollar cake after they ate a 15 dollar pizza.

Below you can find the best psoriasis natural supplement protocol I believe you can find anywhere. The reason why I never shared it this way is because I wanted people to do something for them and do their own research at least by reading the blog posts on this website or in this Infographic.

The blog stays online but there won’t be any new articles.

Thank you all who in any way supported this project!

I wish you all the Best Of Luck!



Best Supplement Protocol for Psoriasis

This is for those psoriatics who ask the answer “how to clear up psoriasis fast and easy?”. Some of the supplements below you probably tried already with some (un)success in order to clear up the psoriasis.

This list of supplements is ordered by the importance of each supplement in supporting the pathways that are involved in clearing of psoriasis. If you have no dental infections like tooth decay or heavily infected root canal tooth then I believe the next supplements may be very effective.

Basic Supplements – the Most Important

B-complex – 1 capsule morning; 1 capsule evening – with meal
Lecithin powder or softgels – 1 tablespoon morning (or 3 softgels); 1 tablespoon evening (or 3 softgels) – with meal
Artichoke Leaf Extract – 3 capsules morning; 3 capsules afternoon; 3 capsules evening – on empty stomach 30 minutes before meal

Very Recommended supplements

Vitamin D3 – 5 000 IU – 2x daily with meal
Oregano oil blend with Olive oil – 2 ml morning; 2 ml evening – with meal because oregano oil is very strong even though it is diluted. Do NOT take this dosage if that would cause stomach pain or other problems.
Omega 3 – 2 softgels morning; 2 softgels evening – with or before meal
Flax seed Oil – 3 softgels morning; 3 softgels evening – with or before meal
Magnesium – 2 tablets morning; 2 tablets evening – with meal

Supplements that May Significantly Speed up clearing of the skin

Serrapeptase – 1 capsule morning; 1 capsule evening – on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meal!
Forskolin – 1 capsule morning; 1 capsule evening – with meal because Forskolin may cause diarrhea when taken on empty stomach!
Desiccated Beef Liver – 1 tablespoon daily – with or before meal

Additional Supplements for Inflammation and Nervous and Endocrine System

Turmeric – 1 teaspoon morning; 1 teaspoon evening – with or before meal
L-Ornithine – 3 capsules morning; 3 capsules evening – on an empty stomach
Whey protein – 1 scoop daily – with meal
Iodine – 1 mg or up to 3 mg daily


Before photo is about 2 weeks into the supplements


9 Responses

  1. Hello John,
    I just recently came across your FB page and this blog and it’s a shame that you haven’t had a better response. I have been a writer in the natural health field since 1985 and know what you mean about being 20 years ahead of your time. Have you ever thought about putting all your information into an ebook on psoriasis and selling it via Amazon? Don’t let all your years of research and writing come to naught. You could still help people (and make money) without having to keep up with a regular blog.

    There are other ways to capitalize on your knowledge and expertise. Right now, I’m following business videos put out by Mike Dillard. Here’s a link to his YouTube channel. His videos might give you some other ways to go to get the information out there and be compensated at the same time.

    My best to you and thanks for unselfishly sharing your information with the world.


    Debbie Moody Neumayer

  2. Oops…forgot to send the link to Mike’s YouTube channel. Here it is….

  3. kate says:

    I AM VERY SORRY THAT YOU will discontinue. Only yesterday, my dear friend called me from another state to ask if i had any info to give her immediately. I saw your post on my emails to send to her.. Thanks and wish you the best with the great information you have to share.

  4. Joanie Wilson says:

    Oh Goodness. I found your site a while back and found it intriguing At the time I was immersed in studying the work of a scientist who has worked with me for nearly 4 yrs in trying to unravel the devastating and mysterious health issues of my son. He doesn’t have psoriasis, but I do. My son has such insulin resistance he cannot eat more than 1 or 2 g of fat, especially with fructose, or he will seize dramatically ( our understanding in simple terms is that the cells are blocked by fats, esp polyunsaturated fats, so the insulin cannot shuttle the sugars into the cells) because of the resulting hypoglycemia. We did not know he had hypoglycemia for all these years, because we were investigating gluten and some of the things you named, among other things, Sometimes we have to go down these wrong roads to find the right ones and these things you spoke of ( candida, gluten, etc..) are being touted by some physicians who are trying hard to look beyond their training. Even these dr.’s are going to make some wrong turns in looking for better solutions for some of the contemporary illnesses we are faced with today than what their traditional training offers.We were led down wrong paths by some of these well meaning dr’s.

    Keep in mind that many of today’s people are not living a life that cultivates patience. Reading scientific articles requires patience and time. They get used to having things fast and the internet has made it so that even some professors of literature no longer have the patience to read the classic works they used to so enjoy – heartbreaking. I think it takes someone who is desperate with a health issue for more reasons than cosmetic to start weeding through the nonsense like mad while they keep on searching until they come to teaching like what is here – or returning to it with a mind ready to really consider what I being taught.

    I have not been able to get to it yet, but I will, because I am currently finishing weeding some things started a long while ago. I am anxious to get started reading here soon.

    Some of the things I have seen here coincide with what I have learned about stress hormones and their effect on many things including blood glucose, serotonin and endotoxin. Our son had unexplainable tachycardia ( that we knew about – I am sure it went on for much longer than that) for 3 yrs and once we started a reactive hypoglycemic diet his pulse dropped into a high normal and after reducing fats dramatically it completely normalized.

    Anyow, some of this reminds me of the work of the scientist we have consulted, Ray Peat. He has been called an endocrine physiologist, but he has been studying hormones ( and much more )since the 60’s and I think you would enjoy some of his papers online at his website ( Ray

    Lastly, you have to do this because you love it and trust there are people benefitting, or will be – even if you mostly hear from the ones you describe. But if you cannot afford to do this, I understand. If you decide to keep blogging – I will join for the 4.2 USD. I hope others will offer to do so, too. Thank you for your research and advices, I really appreciate it. I am sure there are other silent followers out there who are silent because they are caregivers like me or for other legitimate reasons.

    God Bles You!!

  5. Casey says:

    Sad to hear this.Just started following you recently. Have you ever down Colon hydrotherapy along with your other protocols. I work with a lot clients who significantly clear their psoriasis that way?

  6. Julie Machado says:

    Yes! An ebook is a great idea! Read why and how in “Let’s Get Digital” by David Gaughran. I found your blog only a few months ago, and very much value it. I guess I will be reading your back posts. Thank you for everything you have done to help people.

  7. Janet says:

    :I have enjoyed your newsletters and will really miss you. I have been enjoying tomatoes this summer but have to go off of them because I now have a big outbreak on my palms and feet. Doing yoga is starting to make them crack and bleed. I am such a mess. will look into getting some of your skin healing supplements. Again I have valued your input. Thanks again

  8. Andrew Thaxton says:

    I’ve only been able to follow the blog for about a year, but it has brought me renewed inspiration and hope for permanent/extended relief through reading all of the information that this site has put out there. I even took a class in physiology last fall because this blog was so easy to read (compared to most other online journals/medical studies) that it made me want to lean more. Thank you John, for all you’ve done with this project. I hope you’ll keep this site up for future reference. I’d gladly continue making annual contributions to keep it running. Best of luck with future endeavors, and please stay passionate about this chronic disease. Don’t let baseless naysayers make you jaded.

  9. ghul says:

    sad to see you go but i understand, anyway thank for all your inspiring posts you definitely changed the way i look at psoriasis and health. i really liked the unique information i got from here

    take care

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