Sun and Vacation May Clear Up Psoriasis Fast

Many psoriatics have already experienced partial but massive clearing of their psoriasis in just a few days after being out on the beach or vacation. And when I say in just a few days I really mean in just a few days like 3-7 days.

This effect is usually linked to having exposed their skin to sun rays (like being on the beach) but this view is completely wrong in my opinion. A lot of us are enough on the sun during the summer and clearing of psoriasis is just marginal at best.

I would say that clearing of psoriasis during the vacation has a lot more to do with Autonomic Nervous System then with the UV rays of the sun. But for the better understanding how sun, beach, vacation and clearing of psoriasis are interconnected I will summarize my theory about the cause of psoriasis here.

Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction as cause of psoriasis

As I said in my infographic psoriasis is probably Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysfunction. The nerve cells in the spinal cord are damaged or maybe it is better say they don’t perform optimally (maybe because of infection, hypoxia, toxicity, some deficiency, etc…). The nervous system involvement would explain why psoriasis spreads symmetrically on both sides of the body usually in very symmetric patterns. These patterns are best seen on the face but also on elbows and knees.

Stress plays a huge role in pathogenesis of psoriasis but what actually is stress? On the molecular level it is mostly adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These hormones affect the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is already weakened/dysregulated from the SIBO, hyperammonemia, toxicity, deficiencies, etc….

SIBO, ANS dysfunction, stuck lymphatic vessels and usually systemic fungal infection – all those contribute to the vicious circle from where it is not so easily possible to get out and that’s why psoriasis is labeled as “chronic”, “incurable” disease.

It can be cured but you have to correct everything needed. The most tricky part is the ANS because nervous system is the central “device” that controls how body works. So if psoriasis is the direct result of ANS dysfunction then it won’t go away from your skin until you correct what causes the ANS dysfunction itself. The chemicals that cause the nervous system dysfunction are called neurotoxins and are produced by many pathogens – bacteria and fungi.

After the years of worsening function of the body you will probably have your lymphatic system stuck with calcium structures, (undigested) proteins, fats and carbohydrates that needs to be taken care of by enzymes (pancreatin, papain, bromelain and serrapeptase are great for that purpose). Otherwise lymphatic system may stay stuck with all that fat formations, calcium formations, proteins, etc… and it is just a matter of short time when the psoriasis appears again.

Big part of the problem is adrenal glands – produce cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline – and these hormones control a lot of processes in the body. Here I just mention the three that are interconnected each other – raising the blood sugar (to protect the body from hypoglycemia), fight-or-flight response, binding the adrenergic receptors on the neurons.

Hypoglycemia is a problem in a lot of people – it is actually a (direct) cause of anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, aggressiveness, mood swings, etc… All these “mental” disorders are actually often caused by (persistent) fight-or-flight response due to adrenaline production by adrenal glands. Adrenals produce adrenaline due to hypoglycemia since adrenaline makes the body break down the energy stores to make glucose in order to save the body from death by low blood sugar. Otherwise the brain damage would occur rapidly when starved of glucose.

That persistent adrenaline production may and I repeat MAY cause adrenergic receptors hyporesponsiveness (and some other neuron receptors hyperresponsiveness) what may lead to Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction. The problem is that adrenergic receptors are not the cause of the problem otherwise it would be easy to bring the body back to the balance.

Even though they may be blocked by some plant compounds what may clear up the psoriasis in some people. One of them is yohimbine (found in Yohimbe) which acts as an antagonist – blocks the Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptors without activating them. Otherwise adrenaline could bind to that receptors what would cause the decrease in acetylcholine production ->…psoriasis(?)

Better than taking the yohimbine (it has a lot of other unpleasant effects so you probably don’t want to take it) which does not address the cause is raising the acetylcholine production.

Low acetylcholine is mostly due B-complex deficiency – especially thiamine, choline and inositol (both are found in soy lecithin). However fungal or bacterial infection can interact with some critical pathway in acetylcholine production so in the end even B-vitamins may do nothing.

Galantamine and Huperzine A are two naturally occurring plant compounds that are on the market as supplements and they both block the acetylcholinesterase enzyme from breaking down the acetylcholine.

Vacation and psoriasis clearing

That was in short my explanation (on biochemical level) as to why no-stress on the vacation/beach in the summer clears up the psoriasis in just a few days. Sun is probably the best anti-stress thing you can get and it is for free. Another one may be falling in love but still I would say that sun is way better in clearing psoriasis since I have never heard of anybody who cleared his/her psoriasis in just a few days after falling in love.

The more stressed out you are on the day to day basis the more powerful anti-stress response the sun may have.

I can confirm that it is possible to clear up the psoriasis spots that were not directly exposed to the sun. It is so because of the anti-stress effects of the sun on the body/mind and not from UV rays/killing the bacteria on the psoriatic skin. Even though bacteria on the skin play a role because iodine tincture clear up psoriasis plaques after about 2 weeks – plaques usually develop again because the nerves are still damaged or prone to dysregulation because of the condition of the whole body (usually toxicity and stubborn infection).

In my opinion the scaling and redness is caused just because of bacteria on the skin irritating the immune system because of the constricted nerves/low blood flow into the skin in that area.

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  1. Erik Gundel says:

    Hello!! Let me tell you. You made an awesome investigation and conclussion. BUT. I am sorry to tell you youre wrong. My story is VEEEERY long, but to make it short. I ve suffered from Rosacea/psoriasis since i was 16. I am 21 now. I TRIED and STUDIED and READ every fourm ot there. Notrhing really helped. One day i realised that on vacation my face cleared up no matter what i ate. I tried different things in my home to reproduce the environment of my vaccations. NOTHING HELPED. After trying a lot of things without succes, we ran one day out of light for 5 days, my hole town. And my face cleared up. AFTER WEEKS of digging out the problem, i came with the conclussion: EMF (Electro magnetic Fields). SO: whatever causes your rosacea-Psoriasis is worsened by electromagnetic fields such as wi-fi, Radio ferquencies, cell phone radiation. I realized that when i travelled a place woth cell phone signal, my rosacea didnt change. And when we travelled to a non-signal place, it would clear up.

    Poor people, i read people who travel and theri faces clear up in some places and they think is for the “stress reduction”. Sorry but thats not the case. When i travel and cleared up i was super stressed and depressed actually, so it is not the case

    • John says:

      I admire your comment. BUT.

      I agree that EMF can affect psoriasis. There are theories about RBC (red blood cells) aggregation when people are exposed to EMF.

      Clumped RBC (from any cause – one of them may be EMF) can not deliver enough oxygen to the tissues in the body what cause cellular dysfunction. The cause of psoriasis is in my opinion Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction – so the neurons are lacking at their work – whatever caused it currently I am 100% sure that ANS dysfunction plays major role in pathogenesis of psoriasis.

      People usually clear up their skin at Dead Sea where there is more oxygen and atmospheric pressure. Read this post –

      And also you mentioned that you have Rosacea/Psoriasis and there is (or at least may be) a big difference in those two health conditions.

      I think that Rosacea may be fungal infections of the capillaries. Psoriasis is constricted blood flow (constricted capillaries) in the skin.

  2. Erik Gundel says:

    yeah well the thing of the red blood cells is true, but the thing its like a chain effect. Rosacea is a by symptom of Leaky Gut, and leaky gut is caused by excessive EMF (and bad diet of course). I dont know what psoriasis is, but i will read that post, maybe both things influence psoriasis. I only tell you that maybe when people go to the dead sea, they (without knowing it) are in a low EMF zone. I will read that lonk you gave me tho… thanks

    • John says:

      Leaky gut and psoriasis is surely not just because of EMF – psoriasis and other diseases were here even before the EMF era – one hundred years ago (and even thousands years ago).

  3. Bawjaws MacAlpine says:

    stop boozing! No processed foods(including breads and flour stuff) or man made sugars.
    Don’t worry, be happy and you will clear up in no time!

    • John says:

      It is not so easy for many people.

      A lot of psoriatics went weeks or months on strict diets and did not clear up the skin.

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