Liver flush truth - psoriasis

Liver Flush Does Not Work for Psoriasis

The principle of liver flush is quite possibly the most stupid way of natural “healing” which is used for many health conditions including the psoriasis. Do you really think that years of chronic health problems and deteriorating liver function can be treated and reversed by some liver flush and even cure psoriasis? Actually, it is impossible.

The idea behind the liver flush is to:

  • relax the smooth muscle with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)
  • soften the gallstones with apple juice (malic acid)
  • drink some oil to make the liver produce more bile and gallbladder to release the stored bile (olive oil)

Andreas Moritz as well as Hulda Clark were probably the two most significant promoters of liver flush or gallbladder flush if you want. What amazes me even more than some hopeless belief in liver flush by average people is the fact that someone can write a book about the liver flush which is very simple in theory. Stretching that simple protocol which is based on really unscientific theory to a few hundreds of pages in book needs remarkable skills in fooling the people.

I would really like to know how many people cured themselves of psoriasis or any other condition just practicing the liver flush.

The truth behind the liver flush

What do the promoters of liver flush say?

  1. A lot of people have gallstones stuck in the gallbladder, liver or in common bile duct and that’s where the liver flush helps
  2. You can not see the gallstones on x-ray because most of them are not calcified thus unable to be seen on x-ray
  3. There are the different colors of gallstones – black, green, yellow, reddish
  4. One should eliminate up to 2000 gallstones over the course of multiple liver flushes
  5. Liver stones travel continuously from the liver closer to the common bile duct so the symptoms of treated diseases like psoriasis don’t disappear after the first liver flush
  6. Expelled gallstones should be kept in cold temperature if you want to keep them for whatever reason

What does the science say?

Gallstones surgery - psoriasis

1) Liver flush fans: A lot of people have gallstones stuck in the gallbladder, liver or in common bile duct and that’s where the liver flush helps

Common sense:
Having the stuck gallstone somewhere in the common bile duct would be so painful that the last thing ANY proponent of liver flush has did would be drinking the huge amounts of oil.

It is clear that most people practicing the liver flush and writing the books about the liver or gallbladder flush never had a gallbladder attack.

They have never experienced the pain of having the gallstone stuck in the bile duct but still they recommend ingestion of excessive amounts of oil to force the liver and gallbladder to flush the bile into the small intestine.

If someone had the gallstones the best noninvasive way how to remove them would be ursodeoxycholic acid which is usually prescribed by the doctor as the treatment. Then lecithin and vitamin K1/K2 supplement are two vital natural solutions you can use to help slowly dissolve the gallstones.

Lecithin thins the bile and vitamin K1/K2 plays a role in calcium metabolism so I think that it may help dissolve even the calcified gallstones. But it is just my opinion and dissolving the gallstones takes time.

Diseases like psoriasis are surely not caused by thousands of gallstones and liver stones stuck in the bile ducts.

2) Liver flush fans: You can not see the gallstones on x-ray because most of them are not calcified thus unable to be seen on x-ray

Common sense:
Sure that you can not see the gallstones on your x-ray. At least that is the explanation of

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2 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    I’ve enjoyed your site–lots of useful and interesting information.

    As to these gallbladder flushes–I believe my experiences, and these have helped when we’ve done them–you might want to give them a try.

    • John says:

      I never said it may not help to feel better or improve health.

      Bile flow is very important for detoxification of small intestine and breaking down the endotoxins.

      Fat-soluble toxins are excreted in bile and should be soaked up into the fiber and get out of the body in feces.

      I admit that it is even possible that the toxins during the liver flush are excreted from the body in those fake gallstones which are formed from bile and ingested ingredients.

      So I believe you may feel better after liver flush. I have also tried liver flush but I can tell you that I can achieve the similar overall effects faster (in about 30 – 60 minutes) with niacin flush, progesterone cream, rhodiola,…

      The point of this article is to show the people real truth – those heaps of fake gallstones presented as real gallstones are just a scam to sell the books or even liver flush kits.

      Liver flush scam (movement) is similar like the water fast scam (movement).

      Yes, water fast may improve some conditions but it is mostly because of decreased load on detoxification, less endotoxins (due to low food intake) not because of some one of a kind unique healing effects of water fast.

      A lot of people are deficient in B-vitamins yet they believe in water fasts as the cure of their health problems. They may feel better on water fast but it will do nothing for their B-vitamin deficiencies, zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency…

      The same is liver flush. The problem is why gallstones are formed in the first place not the sole fact that there are some gallstones.

      You can read about Iodine effects on cholesterol in my post “Iodine dissolves atherosclerotic plaque thus increasing cholesterol levels”.

      Considering that thickening of cholesterol in the gallbladder precedes the formation of gallstones and later calcification one may wonder why correcting the Iodine deficiency is not the priority of those liver flush proponents.

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