How Many of You Readers Are IDIOTS?

This is a serious question for you!

I am not joking and really want you to reply in the comments.

I put a lot of work into this blog – a lot more than you can imagine even though a lot less than I would want to.

I am well aware already that most of you want everything for FREE!

OK, do not pay for (perhaps good) information and spend a lot more time and money on useless supplements, books, healing gurus and protocols.

It is your choice.

But why in the world would you not read the FREE content on this blog before asking stupid questions, criticizing with your weak arguments and saying in comments that I am wrong.

If I was wrong I would be very happy because that would mean that someone else spent a lot of time researching psoriasis but frankly I do not know about any website which is concerned about the real cause of psoriasis – ENDOTOXINS, Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction, overloaded liver, hypercoagulation, low oxygenation of the tissues….

Your Psoriasis guru is likely IDIOT, too

Even those psoriasis authors who have their own blogs; I must say that – they are IDIOTS!

It is not fair to write the same articles as there are millions of them about the same things – leaky gut, glutamine, turmeric, curcumin, biologic drugs, creams, moisturizers, gluten free diets, D3 supplements…

They write or maybe I should say copy the same SHIT you can find on thousands of websites. Nothing new, nothing….

And do you know why they have articles about those things and topics?

Because they want traffic in order to SELL the Advertisement!!!

However, they come to my Facebook or website and call me an idiot, scammer, …

And many of you follow their recommendations, websites, Facebook groups,… and the only reason they build their “Psoriasis WEBSITE” is a PROFIT!

And why did I ask you how many of you are IDIOTS?

Because if a lot enough of you are IDIOTS then I will write the next post the way (almost!!!) EVERY IDIOT understand.

I tried to dummy down the most of the articles but the loudest response was negative; and it was on my I believe most accurate and (in terms of my blog) groundbreaking blog post – “Ringworm causes psoriasis and it is contagious”.

So a short sneak peak on Psoriasis Cause for IDIOTS

1) Psoriasis is caused by Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction.
2) Nerve cells initiate the inflammation in the skin.
3) Skin blood flow is restricted due to dysfunctional Autonomic Nervous System.
4) Low blood flow allows the fungi and bacteria to survive on and under the upper skin layers = more inflammation.
5) Topical IODINE (is antiseptic and) resolves the INFLAMMATION.
6) Psoriasis plaques are healed.
7) After discontinuation of topical IODINE application the plaques usually develop again.

If you follow the numbers above you can see that Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction is NECESSARY and REQUIRED in order to develop PSORIASIS!!! Without the Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction you can not have PSORIASIS!

That is why galantamine and generally Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors may help with psoriasis and many other chronic diseases:

So why do so many IDIOTS tell me how retarded I am for claiming fungal origin of psoriasis?

You IDIOTS there is no SPECIFIC test neither diagnostic criteria for psoriasis (plaque and guttate) so theoretically I may be speaking and writing about something entirely different than you think about when I refer to psoriasis!!!

If inflamed skin due to Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction without the presence of fungal infection on the skin is enough for you to call it PSORIASIS then sure it is not fungal…

But that dysfunctional Autonomic Nervous System usually reacts to something – fungi or bacteria; so I say that fungi and bacteria on the skin is the cause of PSORIASIS.

IODINE applied topically clears up the psoriasis plaques (even though just temporarily in many cases)!

11 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    This blog should be shut down for providing useless, low quality and misinformed information about psoriasis.

    • John says:

      OK, so we have first idiot?

      Tell me one useless, low quality and misinformed or misleading information about psoriasis that you can find on this blog?

      Provide some facts in your comment because otherwise everything you say is USELESS.

  2. ghul says:

    hey John thank you for keeping up with this blog, i highly value the information on here.

  3. Janet says:

    I suppose I am an idiot too, I was in my late 50’s when I first figured out a direction and a need to experiment on my findings. I did not know there were any blogs or much information on the net back then (am now 75 and am a very retired RN.) Yes, I really appreciate your hard work and blogs. It gives me more to think about and to act on. I look forward to your blogs each month.
    Have a question. What is the cause? In the winter to late spring, Psoriasis is at its worst. By the end of summer, it is at its best (in late August)when it is almost gone. Then autumn comes and it starts up all over again. Is it the climate and beach or is it the diet?

    • John says:

      You do not seem like an idiot!

      Idiots are those who claim that something is not true but provide no proof at all.

      In the summer we spend more time outside: sun-rays (kills pathogens on the skin), breathe fresh air (more oxygen in the blood), more vitamin D3 (less inflammation, better immunity), better mood/less stress (better functioning nervous system) = psoriasis is nervous system disorder!

      If diet was the most important thing then most people would be cured!

  4. Rhea says:

    Hi John, I really appreciate your blog. I have read lots and lots of online articles about psoriasis, and this is the best one I’ve found. 99% of what’s out there is completely useless regurgitated material based on faulty assumptions. I cured my psoriasis through diet, sunshine, herbs, and supplements. I didn’t follow all of your advice, but it gave me a much deeper understanding of how it works. In addition to your website, the book Perfect Health Diet was most helpful to me for a long term (and delicious) diet plan.

  5. Carrie says:

    I would ignore all the negative comments, they are likely government-bankrolled shills whose job is to discredit anyone providing information to people that will weaken the choke-hold of the AMA. They are a mafia and every mafia has “goons”.

    • Anita says:

      Definitely. I have learned very quickly that the Gov’t has programmed A.I bots throughout social media and internet to troll free thinkers and truth tellers.

  6. hi, i am an idiot. it has taken 12 years of study and practice to confirm this. most of my peers are also idiots and will happily admit such.
    it seems the only people in this world who deny being idiots are the uneducated and those of limited intellect. i have been many times confimed as having an iq exceeding 163.
    the more i learn, the more i realise i do not know, and the more accurate my hunches and guesses become. this is the essence of an idiot in the litteral sense. if i were to study another 60 years would i know everything? nope, but i sure would have a lot more questions.
    there is no shame in being an idiot, most of my friends are idiots.
    however beware of those who exhibit grandeur and profess overzealously, for those often find that in lieu of humbling themselves, someone or something will be happy to do it for them

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