Ginger for Psoriasis – Thinner Blood and Improved Insulin Resistance

Ginger is one of the best plants which can dramatically help us improve our health. It is able to act as an antioxidant, thins the blood, improves the insulin resistance which leads to less hypoglycemic episodes and that in turn leads to less adrenaline flowing through our blood. Less adrenaline = less anxiety and less depression which can appear after some time of having too much adrenaline produced in our bodies. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) overview It is not recommended to take the ginger supplements when taking the blood thinning drugs

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Bromelain: The Anti-Inflammatory and Clots Dissolving Effects for Psoriasis

Bromelain is a great supplement for a lot of health problems. Considering that inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases we can just praise the effects of natural and strong proteolytic enzymes like bromelain. You can feel the effects of bromelain in about 20-30 minutes after the ingestion on an empty stomach. If you had stiff spine or other joints due to chronic inflammation and thick blood in the body you would experience possibly very profound alleviation of the symptoms in just about 30 minutes. The only sad

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Magnesium Is Not Depleted by Vitamin D3

Overview vitamin D significantly increases the magnesium absorption even though less than calcium absorption vitamin D does not cause magnesium loss vitamin D increases the bone resorption (rebuilding of the bone) magnesium significantly reduces the damage to arteries caused by hypervitaminosis D vitamin D activation needs magnesium, but this process can’t be considered as depletion since vitamin D is essential for the body the effect of Parathyroid hormone on serum calcium levels is not dependent on normal vitamin D3 levels Vitamin D3 and magnesium for psoriasis The positive effects of

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Make Own Antifungal Mix of Essential Oils

This article is just for informational purposes only. I DO NOT recommend to anybody to ingest the essential oils which are not intended and marketed by the producers for human consumption! The essential oils contain the fat soluble chemicals which are meant to be the plant’s defense against the pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. That’s the reason why herbs and plants create those chemicals; plants do not have the immune systems to fight off the microbes so the only other solution for them is to synthesize the antimicrobial chemicals. Today

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Hypoglycemia Causes Night Sweating, Peeing, Insomnia and Anxiety

Overview anxiety is often caused by constant excess of adrenaline hypoglycemia causes constant adrenaline release hypoglycemia is very common problem but still doctors consider it as rare emotional stress must be avoided in order to heal the body nutrition is essential – magnesium, B-complex, lecithin, zinc, omega 3,6,9 hypoglycemic diet is the best way to heal whey protein concentrate or isolate before sleep may greatly reduce the hypoglycemia during the night   There are so many people complaining about night sweats and waking up to go to pee. And most...

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