Monthly Archive: November 2015


Magnesium Is Not Depleted by Vitamin D3

Overview vitamin D significantly increases the magnesium absorption even though less than calcium absorption vitamin D does not cause magnesium loss vitamin D increases the bone resorption (rebuilding of the bone) magnesium significantly reduces the damage to arteries caused by hypervitaminosis D vitamin D activation needs magnesium, but this process...


Make Own Antifungal Mix of Essential Oils

This article is just for informational purposes only. I DO NOT recommend to anybody to ingest the essential oils which are not intended and marketed by the producers for human consumption! The essential oils contain the fat soluble chemicals which are meant to be the plant’s defense against the pathogenic...

Hypoglycemia Causes Night Sweating, Peeing, Insomnia and Anxiety

Overview anxiety is often caused by constant excess of adrenaline hypoglycemia causes constant adrenaline release hypoglycemia is very common problem but still doctors consider it as rare emotional stress must be avoided in order to heal the body nutrition is essential – magnesium, B-complex, lecithin, zinc, omega 3,6,9 hypoglycemic diet......

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