Potentially Unsafe Legal Stimulants, Anti-Depressants and Anti-Anxiety Supplements

A lot of people with chronic diseases including psoriasis are trying to find some magic supplement or drug which could at least improve their health. Some of them may become easily acutely unsafe and the others may cause long-term negative side effects which are not necessarily life-threatening.

The next list is compiled according to my experiences what people are the most interested in.

Keep in mind that EVERY substance in the world including the water has its lethal dose. Therefore the next list does not include death as one of the negative side effects of any substance mentioned below.

This post is not intended as recommendation for use of any herb, supplement or substance mentioned below!

Very Common Drugs

The two most commonly used stimulants are caffeine and nicotine.

Neither one of these drugs is proved to be significantly physically addictive but profound psychological addiction is surely present at least with nicotine.


Caffeine in low doses like one cup of coffee is generally safe but increases the effects of many other stimulants and drugs. Therefore it is advised not to combine it with anything else!

Positive: wakefulness, stimulation, motivation
Negative: insomnia, anxiety, raised blood pressure, heart problems (heart attack)
Onset of Effects: 30 – 45 minutes
Duration of Effects: appx. 3- 6 hours


Transdermal patches or vaping are preferred ways how to administer the nicotine in those who need it for some reason.

There is no need to start using the nicotine if one has no problem already.

Nicotine may help with

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