I Am Not Psoriasis Free, So What…?

…is this blog full of useless information?

And why I would not lie to you and didn’t say I cured my psoriasis in 2 months once and forever?

Would you be more confident about the blog where you read “100% Psoriasis Cure in 7 days!”?

There is a TON of websites like that and we all know that they have no real content and their all purpose is to sell you some 50 dollar PDF with common recommendations you can find everywhere for free.

First, I recommend you to read my blog post “You Didn’t Cure Your Psoriasis?”.

Where one of the past Premium Membership subscribers accused me of possible “willful misrepresentation”.

What bothers me the most and mostly makes me sad is that some people still don’t get it what I am trying to say and explain to you on this psoriasis blog.

In my post “You Didn’t Cure Your Psoriasis?” mentioned above I explained why I ….

Well, I really don’t know how to explain to you what I was trying to tell you in that post…

  • Why I do not make a banner titled “Psoriasis Cured!” and push it on the blog’s frontpage?
  • Or why I don’t make a Step By Step guide called “How to cure your psoriasis”?
  • Or why your psoriasis may not clear up with essential oils, lecithin, B-complex and artichoke and mine will do?

You should really read that blog post first and then if anybody of you is still in doubts, please ask your questions in the comments down below this blog post.

This is our communication from the comments under that blog post. I slightly edited my comments here in order to better explain my thoughts:

“Ok, but it would be nice if you answered the question. I’m fine with you still having psoriasis, but it seems you’re avoiding saying that.. (which looks kinda bad)”

by misosoup


“I am not avoiding saying that, I mentioned it before in e-mails or on Facebook.

The thing why it looks like I am trying to avoid answering this question is because some people think the “before and after” photos are fake. They are not fake.

I could get (almost) totally clear (from let’s say 50% – 90% of parts of the skin affected – PASI score) when I follow what I share here on my blog.

I am not doing everything and surely not concurrently of course. It is not wise, needed or even possible to take every supplement and to follow all the steps mentioned in my blog.

When people ask me under the various articles about the topics like cortisol, root canals, b-vitamins, galantamine, nicotine, magnesium, D3,… what helped me to clear up my skin I can not to say exactly what it was.

I hate those who promote some “miracle” supplement which “cures” everything – like zinc, magnesium, D3, fish oil, “natural” vitamin C…

Nothing will cure everything in everybody.

But if you wanted to know what worked for me the best?

Folic acid – and the both forms – folic acid as well as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (Quatrefolic).

The pictures of the leg show the difference of taking only folic acid.

I cycled the folic acid and each cycle I improved significantly in 2 weeks.

It worked once, twice, … maybe 5 times and then nothing.


Because folic acid helped some processes in the body however it can not go over its biological limit and if there were still the endotoxins or some other problem folic acid can not shut down the inflammation enough.

People do not understand why it is so hard in many cases (mostly chronic cases) to cure psoriasis fast and easy.

Because there is something like genetic expression and the up-regulation/down-regulation of genes.

If our bodies were in chronic inflammatory state for a long time then genetic expression would be messed up and the body would “remember” the experience of that inflammation. Those inflammatory pathways are “ready” to speed up again when there will be even the slight stimulus.

It is like a drug addiction – even one dose – in a former addict may make him hooked up instantly. It is because the body remembers it.

This was not the best example but it works similarly.

That is why psoriasis plaques usually re-appears on the same spots when psoriasis returns after discontinuation of the drugs like topical steroids, methotrexate or biologic drugs.

And why our bodies gets chronically inflamed?

Mostly emotional stress – adrenaline and cortisol “abuse”…

Galantamine helps to improve or even reverse that anti-/inflammatory/cholinergic/adrenergic… pathways and that is why it may help PTSD (bedwetting in children), psoriasis (alpha-7 nicotinic receptor involved in strongly anti-inflammatory response),…”

by John (me)


“As I said – the fact that folic acid helped me a lot – that does not mean it will help you or somebody else.

The problem is that most people are trying to find some ultimate and universal way to clear up psoriasis in everybody.

Inflammation is the problem (http://www.psoriasisdietplan.com/2016/07/nervous-system-starts-and-stops-the-inflammation-not-only-in-psoriasis/), the most common and the most significant cause of inflammation is ENDOTOXINS.

But maybe one is also deficient in B-vitamins which may cause exaggerated inflammation on its own (check the symptoms of B3 deficiency – Pellagra) – http://www.psoriasisdietplan.com/2015/03/subclinical-vitamin-deficiencies-and-neurotoxins-2/

And maybe it is lactic acidosis and ineffective ATP production which causes psoriasis in your case – http://www.psoriasisdietplan.com/2016/07/real-cause-of-acidic-blood-is-deficiency-of-these-vitamins/

Nervous system is very sensitive to energy – ATP – deficits. And this may lead to Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction.

Niacin, niacinamide or NADH may be very helpful in Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction – http://www.psoriasisdietplan.com/2015/05/nadh-for-atp-energy-and-psoriasis/”

Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide is also a powerful antifungal/anti-yeast supplement.

by John (me)


“John – thanks for the replies. I think overall if everyone keeps asking you something, maybe you should look at yourself rather than blame everyone else. It’s 100% your fault for miscommunication (if we being gentle) or if taking a harsher view, then it’s willful misrepresentation.

You specifically use the word ‘cure’ multiple times. (‘Psoriasis cured in 8 minutes!’)

There is no known cure yet for psoriasis. And yet so many of us are suffering and desperate and hopeful some genius has found it. By using the word ‘cure’ you’re grossly misleading (either intentionally or not) people. I could not care less about your leg photo, that’s totally believable but completely irrelevant to the point.

I get it, you’re excited about your successes. Great, many of us have had similar remissions and improvements. Sometimes these successes even last years. However I have NEVER seen a case of someone being fully cured.”

by misosoup

Here Is My Reply To The Last Misosoup’s Comment

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