Lecithin cures psoriasis

Lecithin Is A Powerful Psoriasis Cure

I start this blog post about lecithin presenting you the testimonials from people who cured their psoriasis with lecithin.

And please don’t argue that soy lecithin is bad because it is GMO and estrogenic (which is not – depends on what study you consider to be right) because you can use non-GMO sunflower lecithin if you want.

Clearing up the psoriasis plaques is all what matters when it comes to lecithin – whether you take soy, sunflower or even egg lecithin (if you can afford it and you think it is the best because I don’t).

Lecithin in psoriasis: Acetylcholine vs. Fatty Liver

I have mentioned lecithin on this blog many times during the recent years. In most articles the connection I made was the acetylcholine production from choline which is found in lecithin.

Acetylcholine activates the alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor which is know the heavily affect the inflammatory response throughout the body.

In this article I want to present here the another big culprit in psoriasisfatty liver.

And why do I mention lecithin here?

Because choline which is abundant in lecithin may reverse fatty liver in a few months!

Lecithin supplementation cured psoriasis

Sunflower lecithin as psoriasis cure


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4 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    hi thanks for that information we’re do you get this from Thanks Denise

  2. Sonja Robson says:

    Hi John
    I have been juicing as much fresh stuff as i can for 5 weeks. No major noticeable changes yet. But ive cut out gluten / wrong fat ie sunflower oil …. using coconut oil and olive oil (for psoriasis)

    i want to incorporate flaxseeds and sesame seeds… i will add lecithin as well now.. do i have to get the powder form (which could be bulked up with flour) or can i put the seeds in the blender with a tablespoon of coconut oil. thanks for your advice.

    kind regards

    • John says:

      Seems like you got the ideas from somewhere else like many others do and then came here to ask me what I think about it?

      I might mention juicing, gluten, olive oil… on my blog but where did I say those items cause or cure psoriasis?

      Neither flaxseeds or sesame seeds will cure psoriasis so I wonder why would I spent money on them if there is many other supplements or OTC/prescription quite safe cheap drugs that work in days!

      Why do you asking me about the sesame seeds?

      Makes sense if you want to eat them that grinding or mixing the whole seeds is better. If you have high speed blender that would “grind” them then you can mix them in it.

      Psoriasis is chronic inflammation, perhaps neuronal viral infection and those problems can be solved by addressing the liver function, yeast overgrowth in the gut, root canals/dental infections…

      It is hard to give any advice to those who don’t want to read the blog posts… and frankly I have no interest neither time to do that.

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