How Does Psoriasis Develop?

The most common cause of psoriasis and bad health generally is probably the bacterial overgrowth in the intestines and root canal teeth.

Along with the others very pathogenic bacteria the two common types of bacteria that can live in the body are the Streptococcus and Staphylococcus species. Those species are the ones of the worst ubiquitous types of bacteria. But actually the problem is mostly a lot of bacteria in the intestines not just explicitly the bad bacteria species. Even Lactobacillus species are bad if there is a lot of them in the body or in the wrong place – that’s why you don’t need probiotics until you clean the intestines (bile acids), heal the liver (SCD diet, Betaine HCL, digestive and proteolytic enzymes) and eliminate stress in your life.[138, 139] Any stress – chemical (drugs, junk food), emotional (fear, bad relationships) and physical (trauma, pain, not enough sleep, etc.)

If you do this your liver can regenerate in just a few days up to a few months (1-3 months).[140, 141] Actually liver can regenerate in about 1 month, but the rest of the body can start to recover just after your liver is working (cleans blood, regulate the blood viscosity – thins blood, eliminate toxins, assimilate nutrients, etc.).

How and why psoriasis develop?

The following scenario is not the everybody’s case but surely for most people with psoriasis (I think at least 80 % but very probably the percentage is much higher):

  • 1. Infection with pathogens causing the psoriasis. I don’t know what is the exact pathogen causing the psoriasis (CWD bacteria, mycoplasma or virus) but the infection may be possible probably through skin wound, saliva, sexually or even through the air. Maybe it is some virus that is passed from the parent to the child since the psoriasis runs commonly in the families.
  • 2. But this pathogen needs the weak immune system to cause psoriasis so the psoriatics have usually the SIBO – leaky gut or dental infection.[121]
  • 3. What causes leaky gut? Low stomach acid (due to stress, genes – some people have very little stomach acid normally, B-vitamins deficiency, iodine deficiency, zinc deficiency, drugs, vaccinations, toxins, trauma, etc.), and often also because of the food allergies/intolerances (like gluten – celiacs).
  • 4. The undigested food which contains also the bacteria from the outside environment ferments (undigested carbohydrates due to enzymes deficiency) in the small intestine, (not just bad) bacteria are proliferating and then they cover themselves with the biofilm (polysaccharide with calcium, magnesium, iron, proteins). It is the same coating as you have on your teeth every morning.[122, 123]
  • 5. The pancreatic enzymes are not produced since low stomach acid didn’t activate the pancreas to neutralize the acid content (since there is no or low acid content).[124]
  • 6. Also the liver is not producing the bile since due to the low stomach acid bile production is not fully activated.[125]
  • 7. Bile is responsible for the toxins break down in the small intestine and colon.
  • 8. The whole digestive tract is stuck.
  • 9. The bad bacteria, Candida, parasites and the various pathogens are proliferating.[58]
  • 10. The pathogens and toxins are causing the leaky gut what means that the small intestine leaks the undigested proteins, bacterial toxins and bacteria into the blood stream.
  • 11. The immune system starts to fight all those proteins, toxins and bacteria in the whole body so the inflammation starts (blood tests for inflammation – rheumatoid factor, CRP protein, fibrinogen, etc.).
  • 12. You can feel bad, anxious, tired.
  • 13. This develops often over the longer period of time so you probably already used to that and it doesn’t seem to you like something is bad.
  • 14. The immune system gets overwhelmed, body is starved from the nutrients which need the stomach acid to be assimilated from food (zinc, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins, etc.) and which are needed to fight off the infections.
  • 15. The missing nutrients are not absorbed since the low stomach acid (zinc, calcium, magnesium, amino acids) and bad diet in many cases (refined wheat, sugar, bad fats) what does not contain enough amounts of these nutrients – is hard to digest and supports the bad bacteria in the intestines.
  • 16. Weaken body can’t handle it all and the bacteria proliferate and cover themselves with biofilm even in the various body tissues![126]
  • 17. Due to biofilm barrier the immune system can’t fight off that bacterial infections without the enzymes (functioning pancreas, liver and eating the raw food full of enzymes).
  • 18. Body is weak to resist the psoriasis causing pathogens in the skin.
  • 19. Psoriatic plaques develop.

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