Psoriasis – Summary of Causes and Cures

Psoriasis cure for most patients is: Bile acids/salts supplement. Bile salts are the easiest way to clear up psoriasis! It is the most successful way ever documented in the history of the medical research! The success rate is almost the 80 % in 8 weeks. [1, 46, 80]

It takes much less time to cure psoriasis than it took to develop it.

Not just psoriasis: The tips in this article (even the bile acid/salt supplement alone) can dramatically improve or cure the following health issues which I have confirmed by me personally or the other people: psoriasis, muscle pain/spasms, chronic fatigue syndrome, night sweats, anxiety, OCD, depression, high blood glucose/type 2 diabetes, weight gain, weight loss, asthma, thyroid problems, poor liver function, digestive problems. [1,2,3]

But keep in mind that the same symptoms can be caused by different reasons in different people so nothing works for 100 %.

In the body everything is connected so it is not surprising that the people with the psoriasis has higher incidence of type 2 diabetes (diabetics have also impaired bile flow [77]) or cardiovascular diseases among the other health issues. Any disease is about the excessive inflammation/oxidative stress in the body.

Today it is considered as normal to have tooth decays and fillings, but even this type of problems are the serious health issues. The body is designed for the optimal health and when the bones (teeth) in the mouth start to rot (tooth decay) it is actually a sign that something is bad in the body.

So I am sure that the following tips could help cure or improve many others diseases since it is not all just about blocking something or treating some problem. It is all about creating the healthy body! And when you create the state of health then the disease goes away itself. Actually the diseases don’t exist in a way as many people think about them. The symptoms (diseases) are just the signs of toxicity or deficiency.

It can be dangerous to combine the supplements described in this article with any over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Taking the supplements especially with the anticoagulative drugs is dangerous since many of the supplements for psoriasis thin the blood, too. And the enzymes like bromelain (abundant in pineapple) can cause the bleeding in the mouth or digestive tract! Therefore the bleeding in persons taking the anticoagulative drugs or those who have the coagulation disorders can lead to life threatening conditions!

I do not and did not take any over the counter or prescription drugs (including the topical steroids) along with the supplements I mention in this article.

I do not recommend to start any new or strict diet or potent supplements during the pregnancy or breastfeeding. Everybody should always consult his/her health with the best professional as possible.

It is all about the liver…

Bile acids/salts are the easiest way to clear up psoriasis! It is the most successful way ever documented in the history of the medical research! And this was not just the small study. Actually 434 of the 551 psoriatics who supplemented with the bile acids for 1 – 8 weeks was without the symptoms of psoriasis after the two months.[1] Two years later 319 of 551 psoriatics were without the symptoms.

Bile acids deficiency and liver problems cause the vicious cycle when the intestinal toxins (from food, air, bacterial infections [76]) permanently flood the liver and therefore it is very hard for the liver to regenerate itself.[46, 80] However the liver tests that are usually performed during the blood work (blood tests) are normal in many psoriatics. [81]

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