Psoriasis – Summary of Causes and Cures

Psoriasis cure for most patients is: Bile acids/salts supplement. Bile salts are the easiest way to clear up psoriasis! It is the most successful way ever documented in the history of the medical research! The success rate is almost the 80 % in 8 weeks. [1, 46, 80]

It takes much less time to cure psoriasis than it took to develop it.

Not just psoriasis: The tips in this article (even the bile acid/salt supplement alone) can dramatically improve or cure the following health issues which I have confirmed by me personally or the other people: psoriasis, muscle pain/spasms, chronic fatigue syndrome, night sweats, anxiety, OCD, depression, high blood glucose/type 2 diabetes, weight gain, weight loss, asthma, thyroid problems, poor liver function, digestive problems. [1,2,3]

But keep in mind that the same symptoms can be caused by different reasons in different people so nothing works for 100 %.

In the body everything is connected so it is not surprising that the people with the psoriasis has higher incidence of type 2 diabetes (diabetics have also impaired bile flow [77]) or cardiovascular diseases among the other health issues. Any disease is about the excessive inflammation/oxidative stress in the body.

Today it is considered as normal to have tooth decays and fillings, but even this type of problems are the serious health issues. The body is designed for the optimal health and when the bones (teeth) in the mouth start to rot (tooth decay) it is actually a sign that something is bad in the body.

So I am sure that the following tips could help cure or improve many others diseases since it is not all just about blocking something or treating some problem. It is all about creating the healthy body! And when you create the state of health then the disease goes away itself. Actually the diseases don’t exist in a way as many people think about them. The symptoms (diseases) are just the signs of toxicity or deficiency.

It can be dangerous to combine the supplements described in this article with any over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Taking the supplements especially with the anticoagulative drugs is dangerous since many of the supplements for psoriasis thin the blood, too. And the enzymes like bromelain (abundant in pineapple) can cause the bleeding in the mouth or digestive tract! Therefore the bleeding in persons taking the anticoagulative drugs or those who have the coagulation disorders can lead to life threatening conditions!

I do not and did not take any over the counter or prescription drugs (including the topical steroids) along with the supplements I mention in this article.

I do not recommend to start any new or strict diet or potent supplements during the pregnancy or breastfeeding. Everybody should always consult his/her health with the best professional as possible.

It is all about the liver…

Bile acids/salts are the easiest way to clear up psoriasis! It is the most successful way ever documented in the history of the medical research! And this was not just the small study. Actually 434 of the 551 psoriatics who supplemented with the bile acids for 1 – 8 weeks was without the symptoms of psoriasis after the two months.[1] Two years later 319 of 551 psoriatics were without the symptoms.

Bile acids deficiency and liver problems cause the vicious cycle when the intestinal toxins (from food, air, bacterial infections [76]) permanently flood the liver and therefore it is very hard for the liver to regenerate itself.[46, 80] However the liver tests that are usually performed during the blood work (blood tests) are normal in many psoriatics. [81] Therefore the most common laboratory tests ordered by doctors are meaningless for right diagnosis. The most doctors think very conventionally and that’s why many people get the diagnosis “it is all just in your head”.

Psoriasis (like all chronic diseases) is a systemic disorder and there is also many hormonal imbalances involved (like stress related hormones which make the recovery harder) – cortisol, adrenaline, estradiol or growth hormone.[61]

Always look for infections (SIBO, root canals or systemic mycoplasma/viral/cell wall-deficient bacteria infections due to prolonged weaken immune system). G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency, MTHFR – methylation problems, etc. are caused by toxins in the first place – always first clear the bacteria out of the body (SIBO, root canals) because the bacterial toxins are the worst disruptors of the bodily functions. Bacteria live from the nutrients that they get from the cells of the host (human body) so they are producing the various enzymes that lyse the cells.

Even viruses are not so nasty since they need the live cells so they can proliferate in them, but bacteria don’t need the live organism – cells; they can survive only if can get the nutrients from the host’s cells.

The mycoplasmas are the pathogens between the bacteria and viruses. Mycoplasma can live outside the host cells but don’t have the cell wall which makes them resistant to standard antibiotics which inhibit the cell wall synthesis. Mycoplasma can infect the cells by attaching to their surface or go inside them to hide from the immune system. Then they rob the nutrients from the infected cells. The infection can spread very slowly and that is the reason why those chronic degenerative illnesses worsens usually slowly but steadily. The cells robbed from nutrients = weak cells that can’t produce energy = chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). (I knew that there must be something interesting in those trails on the sky left after the planes. Toxins and aggressive man-made mycoplasmas from the chemtrails falling on us all over the world – or is it just a conspiracy and they want just the best for us all?)

The cure for mycoplasma infections is also the same as other infections – healthy digestive tract (bile acids, Betaine HCL, enzymes), nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, enough carbohydrates for energy production), herbs (Neem, Pau d’Arco, etc. and Forskolin for balancing the cAMP levels) and vitamin D3 supplementation (for those without the enough sunshine during the whole year).

Psoriasis is caused probably by virus, L-form bacteria (CWD – cell wall deficient bacteria) or mycoplasmas in the skin [1,5,6,7]. The pathogen can survive there because of low oxygen/bad blood flow in the body. The psoriatics have significantly lower hemoglobin content in their blood and higher erythrocyte sedimentation rate than healthy people.[48]

I checked the theory about the low oxygenation of the blood using the finger pulse oximeter. For me the level of oxygen saturation in the blood is about 97 % on average. In healthy people this should be 99 %. Of course that the pulse oximeters have the accuracy of about +2 %/-2 %, but I have got the results when the oxygen saturation was just 95 %.

I have confirmed my theory about the low oxygen content in the blood by finger pulse oximeter – 95% oxygen saturation of blood. The average readings were about the 97%.

                                The blood is dark because of low oxygen content.

On the left side is dark – low oxygenated blood; and on the right – oxygenated blood drop.

The oxygen is low because of poor liver function. Liver is responsible for maintaining the clean blood. If the liver is diseased then the blood gets thick from unfiltered foreign substances (proteins, toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.) in the blood. The coagulation cascade starts – fibrin makes the blood sticky and thick.[8, 59]

The toxins in the blood cause high oxidative stress which leads to the damage of the red blood cells which transfer the oxygen.[9] The effect of oxidative stress on red blood cells can be diminished by taking the vitamin E.[60] Also it is common that the red blood cells are not healthy due to the B12 and B9 (folate) deficiencies.[59] Due to fibrin and damaged red blood cells there is low oxygen in the skin and the whole body. Also the red blood cells form the echinocytes (because of abnormal HDL molecules[31]) if the liver is overloaded with the toxins. [72, 73, 74, 75]

The liver is overwhelmed because of junk food, low stomach acid [10, 71], low pancreatic enzymes and the vicious cycle ends with the biggest problem eventually – low bile flow which cause the bacterial overgrowth in small intestine, colon and even in the stomach. The bacterial overgrowth cause the bacteria along with the toxins leak from the intestines into the blood. [68]

Low stomach acid also doesn’t kill the bacteria in phlegm from sinuses, saliva from the mouth, in the food we eat and hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria (low or no stomach acid) even allow the bacteria from the intestines to migrate into the stomach.[99] Due to low stomach acid there are the nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids).[99]

The pancreas is not activated also due to low stomach acid so the food is not fully digested. The undigested (not absorbed – polysaccharides, oligosaccharides and even the disaccharides) food feeds the bacteria and the bacteria produce the toxins that overwhelm the liver so the liver gets weak and can’t produce enough bile to kill the bacteria and break down the toxins in the intestines – the vicious cycle.

Since the bacteria are overgrown in the intestines – they eventually make the microvilli in the small intestine inflamed – which a weak body is unable to repair.[11] Those microvilli produce the enzymes that break down the disaccharides. And now wait – acquired/developed lactose intolerance is often caused by inflamed and damaged small intestine. [105]

The microvilli in the small intestine don’t produce enough enzyme called lactase which is responsible for breaking down the disaccharide lactose into the simple sugar molecules – galactose and glucose. Those simple sugars can be absorbed by the body, but if the lactose stays in the intestine as disaccharide then the bacteria can feed on it, proliferate and produce the toxins that place a huge burden on the liver.

There are many people that cured their psoriasis just by going off of the dairy products (I would say that mostly due to problems with lactose digestion). But for many others it is more complicated and they should go off of the any disaccharides for at least 3 months.

That diet is called SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which means that you can eat mostly just the fruits, vegetables (non starchy) and meat. You can eat monosaccharides like glucose and fructose but not sucrose – what is a classic sugar (disaccharide).

Supplementing with the bile acids (Ox bile supplement), Betaine HCL, Pancreatin and the other enzymes is very useful. Actually as written above the easiest way to clear up psoriasis is to use the bile acids. Taking the bile acids/salts you will break up the vicious cycle when the toxins from the intestines permanently flood the liver so the liver can’t regenerate and start to produce enough bile on its own.

The studies show that bacterial toxins (endotoxins = lipopolysaccharides) cause low bile acids/salts production and lower the bile flow.[12] In turn the bile acids have also the antibacterial defense regulation properties mediated through the FXR receptor in the small intestine. [91]

Extremely dangerous is to use the drugs – prescription or over-the-counter drugs – those drugs extremely damage the liver.[100, 101, 102, 103, 184, 185, 186] And many of them strongly inhibit the bile acid synthesis.

The liver may be also damaged already in the childhood by vaccinations! The vaccines are the biggest fraud in the medicine! When the the newborn/child or adult is vaccinated the human body starts the inflammation = fight-or-flight response. The body shuts down the digestion and every other processes and focuses mainly on the infection/toxins from vaccine![113]

Another problem is the trend of using the baby formula (cow milk, soy milk – with a lot of added free iron (!!!) which helps the bacteria to build the biofilm and proliferate in the intestines) instead of the mother’s milk and you got the little human which is from the childhood predisposed to health problems! Intestines full of bad bacteria which are covered with the biofilm eventually (in a relatively short time) lead to liver overload = less bile acids production = more bad bacteria in the intestines and toxins absorbed = further worsening of the liver function = progressive worsening of the health (possible low stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes deficiency) = infections (strep throat/respiratory infections/asthma/eczema) = antibiotics/steroids = more liver damage =  vicious cycle which later leads to chronic degenerative diseases like psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc.

Mother’s milk naturally contains the protein lactoferrin which transports the iron into the cells of the body and not let the bacteria in the intestines to use it for their malicious purposes (biofilm construction and proliferation).[25] Also it is a powerful immune system booster and antioxidant. [114] The human mother’s milk has about 1,4 mg/mL of lactoferrin, cow’s milk – 0,1 mg/mL and soy milk – 0 mg/mL (if the manufacturer didn’t add any into the formula).

The signs of bad liver function: pale stool, pale urine, floating stool (which contains a lot of fat what causes that the stool floats), watery stool, unformed stool, undigested fat. Then the usual symptoms like weight loss, weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, recurrent infections, thick blood, allergies, anxiety, depression, psoriasis, etc.

                               The stool from the healthy individual has dark brown color.

The urine from the healthy individual should have usually yellow color during the whole day (in the morning the color may be more dark).

Very important is to pull out any root canal teeth since in those dead teeth there are a lot of bacteria which produce the toxins that paralyze the immune system and whole body.

Also you can be sure that there are a lot of pathogens and chemicals created in the laboratories (that can be sprayed from the planes – chemtrails) that do all those nasty stuffs like – blocking the HCL production, bile acids production, hormonal imbalances, blocking the important cell receptors, suppressing/blocking/binding to the various proteins (enzymes), etc. The pathogens can migrate into the various tissues where they hide (even inside the cells) and slowly weaken the immunity (dead root canal teeth are extremely dangerous).

But many people are so scared of this world, that they still say that those are just the conspiracy theories. OK, they (governments, corporations) are making sick and killing the billions of people all over the world and you think that they admit it officially live on mainstream TV stations? The biggest media are corrupted and manipulated so don’t expect any major truth information from there.

Psoriasis process: toxins/deficiencies->overwhelmed liver->thick blood/unhealthy red blood cells->low oxygen in the body->weak immune system->pathogens survive in the skin->immune reaction->psoriasis plaques.

Psoriasis cure: clean the intestines/dental infections/use supplements for correcting the deficiencies->liver is working at optimal level->thin blood/healthy red blood cells->optimal oxygen levels in the tissues->strong immune system->unfriendly environment for the pathogens->no pathogens in the skin->no immune reaction in the skin->no psoriasis.

How to cure psoriasis:
Bile acids/salts – this breaks the vicious cycle when the immune system is stuck from being constantly overwhelmed due to the intestinal toxicity.
Gluten free – you can cure psoriasis even if you eat gluten, but it is not very convenient food – hard to digest and for many people inflammatory so it can be even the root cause of your problems.
SCD diet – important not to consume the disaccharides for at least 3 months. This greatly helps the body to regenerate (repair the intestines, liver, kidneys, new RBC production, etc.) and healing of psoriasis, however it is not absolutely necessary if you can’t do it for some reason.
Forskolin – directly supports the cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) production in the cells which is suppressed by cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) due to toxicity, deficiencies and infections) [13] Taking about the 50 – 100 mg of active forskolin a day for 2 – 3 months can clear up psoriasis on its own in many people.
Betaine HCL – up to 7 capsules per meal if you don’t feel any burning sensation or pain (start with one capsule and if you don’t experience any negative reactions take 2, 3, … up to 7).
Pancreatic enzymes (pancreatin) – 2 capsules of pancreatin 8X (or 4 capsules of pancreatin 4X) per meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) should be enough.
Various other enzymes (bromelain, papain, serrapeptase, nattokinase, lumbrokinase, etc.) are helpful, too. The enzymes dissolve the fibrous/scar tissue in the body (including the liver) what supports the regeneration of the vital organ functions.
Apple Cider Vinegar – supports the digestion, liver and acetic acid helps to dissolve the biofilm in the intestines (by binding the calcium, iron, etc. from it).
Neem, Pau d’Arco, Uva Ursi, Cat’s Claw – help to fight off the chronic infections (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas, L-form/CWD bacteria).
Omega 3 (fish oil, krill oil), flax seed oil, coconut oil – healthy fats for building the healthy tissues and cells.
Vitamin D3 – for strong immunity, calcium absorption and many other processes.
Vitamins B12, B9, B6 – for healthy red blood cells and methylation.
Iron or better Lactoferrin – for iron deficiency.
Zinc – for immune system, digestion.
Magnesium – for various critical processes in the body, vasodilation.
Iodine – digestion, thyroid function.
Multivitamin and multimineral supplement – can easily correct the deficiencies.

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