Why and How I Was Banned From Psoriasis Forum

Psoriatics can be really narrow minded people when it comes to psoriasis, its cause and cure. Whether they are so stupid, paid or whatever they don’t do a good job for the psoriasis discussion boards which is a discussion about psoriasis.

Psoriasis Forum Kicked Me Out

One user accused me of being just a supplement seller and promote the various products on one psoriasis forum. Moderator of the forum asked me to state that I have no commercial interest in selling those products and to remove the links to my blog from the forum.


I would provide the explanation and remove the links immediately, but when I tried to login to the forum – my account was already blocked. Just about 5 hours passed from the time moderator asked my to clear things out. Not everybody sit all day behind the psoriasis forum screen so it is obvious that I could not respond immediately. But 5 hours is still good response time.

You could remove the links yourself as you already did and still not block my account, but you decided otherwise.

So don’t forget to remove the link to my blog from the first post of the thread “Psoriasis – theory about the cause and cure”.

Also it is at least very uncommon that the ban and issues raised about 6 weeks after starting this thread. Not very good moderators if I was able to “promote products” here on this blog for 6 weeks without my account being blocked. Also very weird that the accepted issue was raised without detailed review by one member that was already banned from that forum in the past.


There is the referral code on my blog and PDF paper but the point of providing it was not the commercial interest. The point was to provide the code for the readers to save them money from their first iHerb order. But of course if any new customer use that code I will get small commission.

Earlier this year just a few days after joining the forum in January one of the moderators asked me in personal message to remove the code or do not post the links here to my blog (exact text):

Hi. One of the terms of using this forum is it expressely forbids members from making financial gain from it. I have noticed that on all of your blog links there is a statement about using iherb.com and your affiliate code which does make you a return. If you are going to link to your blog from this site then please remove these links.



My (psoriasisdietplan) reply was something like this (I do not remember the exact text):

I could remove the affiliate code for iHerb from my blog now but I would probably add it there anyway in the future, so what should I do? I can stop posting on this forums now or delete it from my blog but I do not want to remove the referral/affiliate code now, post the links to my blog here on this forum and then add the referral code to my blog unfairly.

Moderator (exact text):

John don’t worry. Leave it as is, we get a lot of people who just show up and try and push their affiliate codes but you seem a genuine person so leave it on the blog, please don’t however use it directly in the forum.



Actually I am glad that I was banned on forum because it is not my most favorite way how to spend time – thinking about and writing forum posts about psoriasis.


Psoriasis Supplement Seller

I did not want to write this reply to accusation of being just the supplement seller, but since I was banned from the forum here are the facts for those that stand by my side:

1. There are just the references on my blog – 98% of those references are already in my PDF paper. So I am not trying to be more “scientific” since I clearly stated everywhere on my blog and in my PDF paper and here on this forum that I am not a doctor, researcher or similar expert. I do not pretend to be anyone else than I am.

2. I am not a supplement seller – is it possible to buy some supplements from my blog? No.

3. My recipe for cure consists of “dozen” of supplements from the start of this thread. But the member of the forum probably did not read the PDF paper where I wrote about various supplements and not just bile acids.

4. Everybody can buy supplements from any source – online or local supplement stores – and most psoriatics already have their sources from where they get the supplements. I do not recommend any supplement that can be obtained just by one channel.

5. Why do I highlight always to resolve the dental infections first? Mostly root canal teeth? Because I want to sell something?

6. And the most important thing: Did you notice that everywhere I recommend mostly the products with the lowest prices in category? The products that according my best opinion can give the reader the highest benefit/price ratio?

Where is the rational connection between me as “supplement seller” and trying to sell the supplements with the lowest prices?

If I did not recommend any products then people would ask – what is the best brand? Which product is the best? Which product would you recommend?

7. I am just an “iHerb pirate”? My blog and PDF paper read people from all over the world so I decided to recommend/link to the products from this online store. The shipping is the lowest I could find (4 USD for many countries up to 4 pounds – 1,8 kg of weight). And for the first time customers iHerb provides the savings of 5 or 10 USD if they provide the referral code.

So what would you do? Provide no referral code?

So you (forum member that accused me of being just a supplement seller) checked my blog now – after 6 weeks? So you did not read the PDF paper I wrote but was opposing my opinions on the forum before you even read the PDF paper and the information in it.

Believe me that once they ban me, I will not register there under any other nickname to push my words, ideas, tips or texts.

You was banned from there before and registered there again under the different names.

After this experience with the one forum member and one moderator I already know why so much psoriatics take immunosuppressive drugs, crazy diets, expensive supplements, and doing nothing just discuss, discuss, discuss, discuss……. and cry, cry, cry, cry,………. on the forums. I would think that both of you take more time to review my blog and forum posts here rather than call me the supplement seller and block my account. Because to say that I am supplement seller and ban my account is totally lame.

fogI am promoting and selling something? Funny.

And what is doing the whole bunch of people promoting biologic drugs on that forum? Drugs that are manufactured just by one vendor! This is not promoting? Or is it possible to report those users too?

For those who are interested in reading my blog I have the e-mail address and open discussion under the blog posts where you can ask your questions and share your experiences.

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi John,

    thank you, i am always following up your blog and found very helful, alrrady added as my favourite few months ago. Vanny. Ps. My gmail has been hi-jacked, so lost it.. Hic hic..

  2. Anonymous says:


    Sad to see you banned from the forum as I belive you were one of the best contributors of recent vintage and I wish you’d come back, but I can understand also why you wouldn’t want to.
    Wether your theory proves to work for me or not, I appreciate all of the effort and time you took to put it together as well as answer the questions that other posters had……myself included.
    Thank you.


    • John says:

      Thank you for your support. I was happy to contribute to the forum but the administrator(s) decided otherwise.

      You can always ask your questions here or through the e-mail.

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