If Bile Acids Don’t Work Add the Methylation Supplements – B12 and Folic Acid

Note: B12, folic acid and choline (soy lecithin) dramatically improve psoriasis in many people in 2 weeks!

As I am always trying to highlight – psoriasis (like other developed chronic diseases) is just toxicity or deficiency – so if you take bile acids and your psoriasis is always the same then you probably have some another source of toxicity (root canal teeth or severe tooth decay) or deficiency (like B vitamins which are HEAVILY involved in detoxification, energy production, every organ function, DNA synthesis …).

The daily dose of 3 x 500mg of bile acids is enough. If the psoriasis stays same for 2 months then the problem is probably also elsewhere – it is important to support the methylation cycle (homocysteine reduction, glutathione production,…) which is slowed in virtually every chronic disease. If the methylation is stuck then stomach can’t produce stomach acid, pancreas the enzymes, liver the bile acids, thyroid gland the hormones, brain its neurotransmitters, bone marrow the immune cells, etc… and the cells in whole body can’t detoxify themselves what leads to huge oxidative stress-> psoriasis.

So along with bile acids I would take (you have link to all those supplements on the left side of this blog):

  • B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • B9 – folic acid (active form like Quatrefolic)
  • B-complex (this one also contains the active form of B12-methylcobalamin and B9-folic acid as Quatrefolic)
  • Choline (from soy lecithin)

Additional antioxidant like vitamin C is helpful and be sure to have adequate intake of active vitamin A (not just beta-carotene), magnesium, zinc and selenium. Supplementing the stomach acid with Betaine HCL is great since not just you help to digest food and kills the pathogens in the stomach, but also supporting the methylation cycle with Betaine – TMG (trimethylglycine) after the HCL from the Betaine HCL is released.

If you are not familiar with the methylation cycle and what it is all about then you should check this about 25 minutes long overview of the basic principles:

Methylation Made Easy


Also I highly recommend to watch this talk by Rich Van Konynenburg:

This researcher explains how the methylation cycle block will negatively affect a lot of parts of the body. In his theory (which I believe is very accurate) the body can not restart its systems due to lack of vitamins B12, B9 – folic acid, etc… what leads to vicious circle full of oxidative stress. This results to progressively more and more oxidative stress -> more damage -> continual worsening of the health.

Mr. Rich Van Konynenburg has many great posts on this forum about the CFS/ME – http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?forums/detox-methylation-b12-glutathione-chelation.6/

And here is his thread on methylation cycle protocol – http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/revised-simplified-methylation-protocol-august-25-2012-revision.19050/
Sadly Mr. Rich Van Konynenburg died in 2012.

How much B12, folic acid and choline?

I would say that 400 mcg per day of active folic acid – Quatrefolic or Metafolin – is enough to see an improvement (if the deficiency of active form of folic acid is the culprit for you). 800 mcg per day is better and still mostly safe and there are even some prescription folic acid products with a lot higher content of folic acid. Personally I would raise the dosage by 400 mcg of folic acid every 5 days if there wouldn’t be any negative adverse effects. But I am not very convinced by the theory that many people (unsless you have some very rare genetic mutation or other specific conditions) need up to 5 000 mcg – 20 000 mcg of folic acid per day.

The truth is that if we ate a lot of green leafy vegetables we would have daily intake of folic acid in milligrams not just micrograms. For exmple 100 grams/4 ounces of spinach contain about 200 mcg of folic acid. However keep in mind that folic acid in food is more difficulty to absorb than from supplements and also the supplemental folic acid is not absorbed for 100%.

Some people may experience problems even with low dosages of methylation supplements (mostly B12 or B9) and that is often because of starting the detoxification pathway.

Also B12 and folic acid can cause overmethylation (irritability, nervousness) what you can address by taking a niacin (vitamin B3: 50 mg – 100mg) to slow down the methylation. I strongly recommend to check the videos above to understand the methylation if you are not familiar with it.


B12 – 1 000 mcg – 5 000 mcg per day in sublingual form (ideally in 2 or 3 divided doses)
B9 (folic acid – also in active form) – at least 400 mcg per day
Choline (from soy lecithin) – at least one tablespoon of granuled soy lecithin per day (you will get another useful nutrients like serine from it)

Also you can consult your doctor about the Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) which is probably the best option for the liver. It is almost non-toxic when compared to other bile acids and should work for psoriasis in about 3 months. So in about first 3 months of taking the UDCA you should see initial clearing of the plaques. The methylation supplements from the list above could significantly improve the rate of the healing. The average dose of UDCA is somewhere between 750 – 1500 mg per day ideally in divided doses including one dose before the sleep so the UDCA could be absorbed and dissolve the bile sludge and/or liver stones (gallstones).

The most chronic illnesses have the same underlying cause and our genes and infections (latent pathogens) and environment (lifestyle, traumas, prolonged stress,…) triggers the various symptoms (diagnoses) in everyone of us. Healthy and functional liver is top priority when healing any chronic disease!

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