Psoriasis Cure Is Bile Flow, Bile Acids Eliminate Endotoxins

Psoriasis is curable in many people by improving bile flow with bile acids supplements like Ox bile, Artichoke Leaf Extract or Dehydrocholic acid and Lecithin.

Those who have studied some research data about the bile acids know that there are a lot of unanswered questions about the acids produced and excreted by liver. Generally all bile acids are considered toxic for the body and even carcinogenic. However the best option seems to be the ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) also known as Ursodiol. This one can be prescribed by the doctor but is also available over-the-counter as the supplement.

Ursodeoxycholic acid is very popular in bodybuilders who take it for the liver protection when taking the anabolic steroids. So why there is so little data about ursodeoxycholic acid and psoriasis? Probably because official medicine doesn’t even think about the possible connection between the liver problems and psoriasis. And the connection is there for 100%. It is something that is known in underground science/medicine for more than 50 years.

Ursodeoxycholic acid is very effective in dissolving the cholesterol gallstones/liverstones and its very low toxicity allows its use for long periods of time without any serious negative effects.

Another bile acid used to treat psoriasis and also scientifically documented is dehydrocholic acid what is a synthetic bile acid prepared by oxidation of cholic acid. However its effects in the liver seem to be different from the natural bile acids. Dehydrocholic acid makes liver produce more bile by the process when dehydrocholic acid itself is metabolized in liver cells and excreted along with the bile acids. The natural bile acids seem to make the liver produce own bile acids without metabolizing the supplemental bile acids.

So from the scientific point of view we have 3 major choices if we want to try bile acids for psoriasis:

  • ursodeoxycholic acid
  • dehydrocholic acid
  • ox bile (about 40% of capsule weight are bile acids)

As I already mentioned above the best option considering the safety and effectivity is ursodeoxycholic acid. Also it is well known for the doctors so they can prescribe it for you in many countries. The price is about 4 times more than ox bile (about 80 dollars vs 20 dollars per month) but it is surely worth it (not just for those who have gallstones or psoriasis) since it helps in many chronic diseases which are just the different versions of symptoms of the same underlying problems.

Dehydrocholic acid is not very popular so you will have to look for it since it is used in just a few supplements in some countries.

Ox bile is actually the cheapest from all those three bile acids since it is not one pure isolated acid but freeze-dried bile. The content of all bile acids in ox bile is about 40 % of dried bile powder weight.

There are many different studies that covered various effects of different bile acids on the body. The one and only fact that we can know for sure is that bile flow and bile acids are important for health. When we go further and want to research the effects of individual bile acids on the body we have to keep in mind that the current data are not so satisfying and conclusive.

Many of the research data are from the experiments with laboratory rats and not humans. Not just that rats biochemistry may be different in one or other particular area but rats have no gallbladder so we have one strong argument for considering major differences of metabolism and even importance of bile flow and acids in rats.

Restoring the normal bile flow (with adequate bile acids content in bile) is number one to cure the psoriasis.

Bile acids are toxic, but also for the pathogens

The bile acids are toxic – but also for the bacteria (which is the reason why they will cure small intestine bacterial overgrowth). The body must be in balance – the toxic bile acids are needed (but not too much or too little), essential vitamins are needed (but not too much or too little).

Overwhelmed liver is mostly from small intestine bacterial overgrowth = bacterial toxins (very toxic AMMONIA – NH3), endotoxins = damaged small intestine/leaky gut = undigested food molecules gets into a bloodstream, bacterial translocation from the intestine into the blood, bad digestion due to damaged microvilli.

Bacterial overgrowth (plus with bad species of bacteria) in the small intestine leads to more degraded conjugated bile acids (those acids dissolve the bacterial cell walls = cure of small intestine bacterial overgrowth) = absorption of deoxycholic acid and lithocholic acid (the amounts of these toxic bile acids would be very low if there was no bacterial

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  1. Jason says:


    I have scalp psoriasis and recently developed autoimmune-related dry/bloodshot eyes. I’ve been taking bile acids for about 1.5 weeks and it looks like its helping my psoriasis, but my eyes are getting more and more bloodshot. Could it be that the death/release of all the extra endotoxins are flooding to the eye? If that’s the case, how would that explain that my psoriasis appears to be getting better and doesn’t flare?


    • John says:

      Improved bile flow should decrease the amounts of circulating endotoxins in the blood.

      It is hard to say what causes your dry/red eyes. Maybe it is liver damage from some drugs, may some allergy (inflammation), …

      I would monitor the symptoms further and maybe it is just a short-term worsening in the beginning. Psoriasis also clears up in 3-5 day cycles when the plaques are breaking down but the scaling increases as the body is trying to get rid of skin cells infected with fungus as fast as possible.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks John.. I think you’re bang on. One more thing — I’ve started ox bile 1x/day with a fatty meal. I find that if I do more than one tablet per day I get instant diarrhea. How does everyone work there way up to 3x tablets a day? I wonder if that theoretically means my body is producing enough bile (although perhaps not acidic enough).

    • John says:

      Everything depends on nervous system. The nervous system induce the diarrhea in presence of too much bile acids. Maybe you produce enough of bile acids, maybe not. I can not say.

      The point with psoriasis is that we need to RELEASE the bile purposefully – to clean up the small intestine. Taking the bile acids capsule once a day will induce bile flow 1x. If you would take the capsule 3 times per day it would induce the bile flow 3x. So it is more about the bile flow than supplementation of bile acids.

      Artichoke or dehydrocholic acid does not supply the bile acids but still induce bile flow and both are effective in clearing up the psoriasis.

      If you can take just 1 capsule then do it and don’t push your body to accept more. Take 1 capsule daily and check the psoriasis. After some time depending on how it will go you can try more or continue with 1 capsule.

      Alternatively you can try also artichoke tea/capsules.

      Also you can be deficient in some nutrients so keep in mind that psoriasis cure = healthy nervous system and immune system (psoriasis is fungal infection in my opinion).

      B-complex, lecithin, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D3 (usually dramatically helps the body), chromium for insulin sensitivity.

  3. Amit says:

    Excellent article John. Can someone who still has a gallbladder take Ox Bile supplement? Also do we need to take these supplements for life or can we see permanent results with just 1 bottle. Thanks

    • John says:

      Yes, it is OK to take Ox bile if one has gallbladder. Not sure if 1 bottle will be enough but not needed to take it permanently as well.

      • Amit says:

        Thanks John. I have recently ordered Ox Bile (125mg from Nutricology) and Wobenzym-N (Contains Pancreatin) based on your wonderful article. Would you advise based on your knowledge, taking them together or separately?

        • John says:

          Wobenzym is expensive as it is registered as medication and produced by German company. You can buy much cheaper pancreatin.

          Wobenzym should be taken on empty stomach. Ox bile is better to take with meals. So, I would take those two products separately.

  4. Joe says:

    My problem is that I have bile acid malabsorbtion, bile acid diarrhea. I have had this for 10+ years, I only have diarrhea no matter what diet I try and my diarrhea is yellow indicating high amount of bile. I tried using ox bile tablets and it increases the bile to such a high level that I am screaming, utterly screaming in pain on the toilet as the burning acidity is further increased when taking the ox bile tablets. I have read there is some type of drug called welchol or Colesevelam (a bile acid sequestrant) something like that which binds to bile which then allows your body to produce formed stools again. My problem is no GI will accept anything I say and I can’t get that drug to try in canada the lockdown state of the damned, and all they say is that I have ulcerative colitis/crohns and have to live with it for life and die of cancer, or what they want to do is rip out my whole colon instead and carve a hole in my stomach to go @@#$ in until I die instead. I have been tortured like this for about 12 years now. I think the bile acid sequestrant may save me as I have tried most every single other thing in 12 years and never rid the diarrhea ever. I also have been reading how bloody S. Boulardi is dangerous as well, can’t ever @#@$ know what to believe or who to trust.

  5. Tek says:

    John, how we can understand if bile acids is enough, or we need to add also betaine hcl?

    Do you know quercetin? PH Ely in his latest study in 2018, combine bile acids with bioflavonoids (who dont permit to absorb endotoxins).
    Search it on google!!!

  6. Mike says:

    Which are the best supplements to support liver detox and rigeneration?

    Of course, ox bile..


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