Epigenetics or Always Blame Genes?

One big problem even with many natural therapists and people using the natural methods to improve their psoriasis or well being is that they are always trying to suppress something (genetic expression?). They want to label the symptoms they have, they want to name the disease they have and then they want to use man-made drugs or natural supplements to alleviate the symptoms.

“If your tongue has white coating, do not blame your genes.”

One thing they are not aware of is that they actually can’t cure the disease which has a name.


Because all those chronic diseases names often containing words like “idiopathic” and “syndrome” in their are incurable in modern allopathic medicine.

Allopathic medicine gives names to symptoms and then according to the protocol it provides some drugs that suppress those symptoms. Then they call the state of the body as “remission” because they know that it is just a matter of time when the drugs stop working or patient will require higher dose “to stay in remission”.

The real naturopathic doctors will not name the diseases they will create the health. It is not about labeling bunch of symptoms and put the patient on supplements. What difference would be there between allopathic doctor and naturopath if they both were just masking the symptoms – one by drugs and the other with supplements.

The point is to get to the root cause of those symptoms not label them and take something to get some relief. And believe it or not the most common cause is infection – SIBO, fungus in the digestive tract, root canals or some other dental infection.

Pyroluria – it is not a genetic problem

Pyroluria is also known as Kryptopyrrole, Mauve Factor or Hemepyrrole. The most people blame the genes for the bunch of symptoms that are known under those labels.

Pyroluria is the name of the condition in the body when excess pyrroles (chemical compounds) are created during the hemoglobin synthesis. Those pyrroles then bind to vitamin B6, zinc, omega 6 fatty acid – GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) and make them unavailable for the body what results eventually in various symptoms and progressive deterioration of the whole body.

In one discussion on Facebook I was trying to say the group members that the condition in the body when pyrroles accumulate or are created in huge amounts is probably not the problem of not taking high doses of zinc and vitamin B6 that would be needed due to genetic mutation. Well, it may be in some people with the strong genetic predisposition but mostly it is the problem of some chronic infection (SIBO – bacterial and/or possible fungal infection) and the presence of pathogenic toxins that may cause the body to produce pyrroles during the hemoglobin synthesis.

Most people on Facebook was saying it is purely genetic. I say yes – the genes involved in hemoglobin synthesis are affected by toxins from pathogens (SIBO, fungal toxins – mycotoxins) – genes just respond the way they respond to toxin.  Is it possible that some people were unable to understand what I was trying to say, or maybe they did not want to understand?

Accumulation of pyrroles in the blood may be caused by increased production or slower excretion from the blood since it is accepted that some pyrroles are common in the blood of all people.

My point is to show that most diseases, syndromes and health problems are related to the digestion and gut. Stomach should be sterile, small intestine with just very small amount of bacteria and in large

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