Live Blood Analysis For Psoriasis

The health or disease (even though not specific as psoriasis) can be seen under the microscope but the way that live blood analysis is performed and explained by the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) specialists is often misleading and wrong.

I already wrote short summarizing comment about the Live Blood Analysis on Facebook:

“Live blood analysis as performed by many is actually scam. However I believe that many of them who do Live Blood Analysis do not know that those crenated cells, crystals and other structures are actually from interstitial fluid (intercellular fluid) and lymphatic vessels!!! Usually you can see under the microscope just stacked RBC if the blood is drained from vein. I mean if you do not draw blood from the vein like it is common for standard blood test in hospital then the blood from finger or other part of the body is contaminated by lymph. The more you press the skin to get the drop of blood usually with something like blood glucose Lancet or needle the more lymph contaminate the blood = crenated cells due to osmosis (lymph is thicker than blood) and various formations (crystals, fibers, …) are present under the microscope. Those formations have to be dissolved – pancreatin, serrapeptase, bromelain, papain, VITAMIN K COMPLEX! – for dissolving the calcium structures in lymphatic system. Then add Neem up to 15-20grams daily (if there are no bad reactions since Neem significantly thins the blood!) as tea and the lymph should start move. If lymphatic vessels are stuck then the blood has a hard time to flow into the blood vessels since normally there is constant leakage of blood plasma into the tissues and back to the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. If lymphatic vessels are FULL then the plasma from blood vessels can not leak into the tissues and back to the lymphatic vessels. The result is thick blood (various proteins stay in blood plasma), hypoxic tissues and toxic cellular wastes are not drained out by lymphatic vessels.”

Here in this blog post I will try to explain Live Blood Analysis in more details and show some proof photos that may save you some money since you will think twice before you spend it for some live blood analysis.

Live Blood Analysis is very limited

Of course that Live Blood Analysis is not accepted as relevant medical test by mainstream medicine but medical laborants (or computers automatically) also look at your blood and make some conclusions. However mainstream medicine calls that process not Live Blood Analysis but it is part of the hematology.

So what can be really seen visually when looking at the drop of blood under the microscope?

Specialist can spot:
RBC (count and appearance), WBC (count and appearance), platelets, fibrin strands, cells shape, clumped cells, some pathogens (fungus, bacteria, parasites) but that is actually all one can get from visual checking of the blood.

No acidity, no free radicals, no protein indigestion, no vitamin deficiencies, no mineral deficiencies, nothing like that.

Sure you can identify possible B12 and/or B9 (folate) deficiencies but it is more accurate to determine the possible deficiencies using the biochemistry.

Actually when some ill person goes somewhere to get live blood analysis then it is almost 100% that he/she has bad digestion so protein maldigestion is common. LBA specialist knows that and may fool the client with the “extensive knowledge” of his/her health and digestive problems but actually digestion is lacking in all chronically ill people.

Blood is contaminated with lymph and interstitial fluid


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