Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Causes In Psoriasis

According to my theory about psoriasis pathogenesis there is the underlying Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction that allows the skin infecting pathogens to cause dry, red, itchy and scaling plaques to appear. As I have mentioned before it is quite possible that psoriasis is some kind of fungal infection of the skin that tricks the nerves in the skin (because of ANS dysfunction due to toxicity, deficiency and mostly hypoxia from thick blood) to constrict the capillaries -> decreased blood flow in the skin. Then fungus on the skin can easily decompose that almost dead skin (hypoxic and necrotic upper skin cells) and cause the immune reaction in the deeper layers of the skin where the skin cells are still alive.

There are some proponents of theory that psoriasis is fungus but actually it is surely not just a fungus. Maybe it is a fungus on the skin surface what causes the immune reaction but due to symmetrical patterns of plaques on both sides of the body there is ANS dysfunction involved as well. There is no other explanation so currently I am 100% that ANS dysfunction plays a major role in psoriasis pathogenesis.

Now the question is what causes the ANS dysfunction. Deficiency and toxicity cause it, but let’s see how we get deficient and toxic.

I have compiled the list of the causes and sorted them out chronologically as they affect the human being during the lifetime:

  • (neuro)toxins from chemtrails and genetically engineered pathogens are one of the top factors that negatively affect the health of all people around the world;
  • already generations of people are progressively eating less nutritious food – deficiencies, bad lifestyle – not enough sleep, drugs, alcohol, sugar, massive chemical exposure from the half of the 20th century, radiation from nuclear weapons and power plants, industrial pollution – heavy metals, ….
  • the above mentioned factors affect the child during the development in the womb; mothers are deficient in vitamins, minerals, iodine and fatty acids; also experience often psychological stress because of modern lifestyle (very bad social system and society) full of stressful situations – mostly poverty;
  • the whole developing body of the child – cells of every organ, nervous system and individual types of the receptors (Central Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System) – the sensitivity of the receptors to hormones (like adrenaline, cortisol, …) and neurotransmitters like acetylcholine may become very high or very low so even slightest stressful situation can cause massive biochemical haywire that makes body extremely stressed – PTSD; it is about the balance because the same cell have usually various receptors and they may be activated by the same agonist – like adrenaline (epinephrine) in case of adrenergic receptors – but the sensitivity of the various adrenergic receptors to adrenaline vary;
  • after the birth – children are given vaccines – stress on the undeveloped immune systems from chemicals in the vaccine and pathogens (viruses and bacteria) in vaccine;
  • babies that are not breast fed (and in this “modern” world there are millions of them) have even worse starting point since they never get the immunomodulators from the mother’s milk! Their immune systems do not know what to do in the most critical days, weeks, months and years of their lives! Usually there no lactoferrin in most baby formulas. Lactoferrin is a protein naturally found also in mother’s milk that helps protect the babies from (fungal and bacterial) infections.
  • immune system crash and child usually ends up with a lot of courses of antibiotics – (fungal) neurotoxins! Wiped bacterial flora from the body (not just intestines) – also sinuses, mouth, nose, etc… let fungal species free ground to spread.
  • we eat hard to digest food – mostly wheat; gluten containing grains are hard to digest and promote SIBO and fungal infections. The easier to digest food the better to eat. Fruits are ideal since glucose and fructose is free and ready to be absorbed from the small intestine hence you don’t need so much enzymes to digest the food.
  • SIBO promote leaky gut (chronic subclinical inflammation – slow deterioration of intestinal villi that leads to insufficient disaccharide digestion); undigested disaccharides invite the fungal infections that feed on them and slowly spread to the whole body -> blood, skin, muscles, liver, capillaries, etc… and eventually may end up as cancer. Very often the strange formations are found under the skin and they are called “just a cyst”. Actually it may be fungal infection that is occupied by immune cells that form granuloma since body sometimes can not get rid of the infection.
  • dental infections (caries, mercury fillings) and rotting teeth treated with endodontic therapy (root canal) that dentists consider as safe but the science proved already at least about 100 years ago that root canal teeth are full of bacteria and cause of chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases and cancer;
  • HPA axis gets dysregulated from blood sugar imbalances (because of inflammed small intestine, deficiencies – mostly B-complex vitamins, chronic infections…) and the vicious cycle slowly destroys the body because without functioning HPA axis it is impossible for ANS to work correctly. Stomach do not produce stomach acid, pancreas the enzymes, liver bile and small intestine does not produce the enzymes to break down the disaccharides.
  • the deficiencies get more serious due to bad digestion and (usually fungal) infections may spread; the latent viruses often reactivate and there is a lot of facts that link chronic diseases (like CFS/ME) to viral infections.

Cell receptors can be so dysregulated (sensitized or desensitized) that they may trigger the massive stress feelings even from minor stressful situation. In that case it is almost impossible to get out of that circle without proper steps (nutrition, enzymes and antifungals). For example blood sugar swings cause cortisol and adrenaline production and that may cause hypo- and hyper- responsiveness of some types of receptors (like adrenergic receptors) on the cells.

And when we have hypo- and hyper- responsiveness of receptors involved directly in ANS then we got the ANS dysregulation/dysfunction.

Autonomic Nervous System

ANS dysfunction causes the following problems: low stomach acid (protein deficiency), low pancreatic enzymes (SIBO and fungal growth), low bile flow (SIBO and fungal growth), bad intestinal motility (toxins leak into the body from colon for days), bad blood flow (Raynaud’s phenomenon, psoriasis, CFS, “mental” disorders…), ….

Bad digestion = inflammed small intestine = inefficient digestion of disaccharides (enzymes are produced by intestinal villi) = food for fungus and bacteria = inflammation = blood sugar swings = long-term cortisol and adrenaline overproduction = adrenal dysregulation/HPA axis dysregulation = ANS dysregulation/dysfunction

I would really recommend you to check the infographic I made to understand the ANS dysfunction. This infographic is about the psoriasis but actually it fits many diseases and surely adrenal glands issues.

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  1. Tandi says:

    Your research in this area has always fascinated me, since I have Dysautonomia (specifically Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTs) and my psoriasis was very easily induced following a dental infection, horrible diet, toxin overload, and medications that are known to induce or aggravate P (antibiotics for dental infection, steroids like Florinef and topicals, and beta-blockers for tachycardia related to autonomic dysfunction. I was told P was incurable and promptly put on MTX. Later, after stopping all of these, having the root canal tooth pulled to stop chronic infection, cleaning up my crap diet and addressing my vitamin/mineral deficiencies and focusing on resolving the slowed digestion that comes with POTs, my psoriasis cleared rather quickly and has not reappeared in over 2 years! I am 100% convinced of the ANS playing a role in P, for this reason. I also am aware of other Dysautonomia patients that battled P, most that were able to clear it up, but only if they could stop certain meds (not all POTs patients are that lucky). Thanks for sharing this info with me years ago and continuing to research!

  2. Lisa Baker says:

    It sounds like a form of dermatitis herpetiformis.
    A reaction to wheat, rye, barley & All Gluten!!
    Your lymphatic system is backed up and your kidneys are not filtering! Your skin is also part of your kidneys! You’re extremely acidic.
    Please go on a plant based all raw food diet to start! You need fruit!!! Smoothies, juices, fruit! It’ll get your kidneys filtering! It will get your lymph system moving! You need to remove all chemicals from your life! Cleaning products, colognes, everything matters. You should also be drinking distilled water!! You have the power to heal! What you have is a symptom! The cause is acidosis! Get to the cause! Miracles happen!

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