Galantamine May Cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be cured in some people with galantamine what is an alkaloid obtained from snowdrop – Galanthus nivalis. Galantamine is a well known inhibitor of enzyme acetylcholinesterase that breaks down the acetylcholine molecule in the body.

The reason why galantamine is successful in treatment of various health issues is because it does not just block the acetylcholinesterase enzyme but also modulate the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAchR) the way they become more sensitive to acetylcholine. There is some difference between galantamine and huperzine A what is a more potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor but doesn’t posses the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulating properties.

Galantamine is most commonly used for Alzheimer’s disease and that’s why it is recognized worldwide. However there are also other uses – for various myopathies and issues where the nervous system dysfunction is suspected (erectile dysfunction).

Some people are using it along with choline to highly increase the chances of lucid dreaming and to enhance the memory and learning abilities.

Great uses found galantamine in treating the poliomyelitis and it was very popular medicine used by the east european herbalists who were making the tea from the snowdrops even before the active ingredient was discovered.

The unwanted effects that may follow the galantamine usage are increased salivation, sweating and less commonly bradycardia (slow heart rate), lightheadedness or shaking of the hands and legs. However those effects are usually experienced only in those who would take very high doses of galantamine. Therefore the dosage is the key to achieve the balance of neurotransmitters in order to get the best results.

Galantamine as psoriasis cure?

Here are 3 promising statements about Galantamine I found on the YouTube – The user claims that galantamine injections cured his psoriasis after suffering for 28 years.

After 28 years of this psoriasis, enough ! for me anyway, for the last 9 months I have been treated with “Galantamine” brand name “Nivalin” 5mg, to be injected in any fat tissue on the body.

Injected first time and the result what I will call excellent, the psoriasis started to go, a week later injected again and my body was free from psoriasis.

must be the cheapest way to clear it up,

has anyone tried it?


had psoriasis for 28 years, tried every treatment, Harley street Doctors, NHS etc, PUVA/Phototherapy, Fish/leaches, had everything and nothing worked:

In July 2010, I visited a lady in Paphos (Cyprus) who basically cured my Psoriasis with injections, She ijected me with “Galantamine” (Nivalin) after 4 days of being injected once only it was clearing up, infact my body is 100% rid of the psoriasis but have some scars but not noticable. Im not looking for money just try and see for yourselfs.


“Galantamine” is a remarkable drug, its the only thing that will and does treat my Psoriasis, the injections only cost 1 euro each and thats the retail price, I buy direct from a pharmacy in Bulgaria, the injections are called “Nivalin”. now I use about 12 every year (1 a month) I have nothing to gain, you have to try for yourself.

It is hard to predict how much people would clear up their psoriasis by taking galantamine orally or by injection. Using the Galantamine for psoriasis perfectly fits to my psoriasis cause and cure theory. Therefore personally I strongly believe that many people could benefit from galantamine.

Where to buy galantamine?

In many countries galantamine is on the market just as prescription drug for Alzheimer’s disease but in the USA and some other countries galantamine is also available over the counter as the supplement.

You can order galantamine supplement called GalantaMind also from

GalantaMind 4mg x 90 capsules bottle – 0.177 USD per mg of galantamine

GalantaMind 8mg x 90 capsules bottle – 0.156 per mg of galantamine

The price of galantamine is higher because the extraction method is not the cheapest however for use in psoriasis the treatment would be probably short-term since according to my theory, common sense and scientific studies the treatment with galantamine is more about bringing the Autonomic Nervous System back to the balance rather then taking some acetylcholine (receptor) modulator forever.

Check my infographic to understand  the whole galantamine.

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  1. Janet says:

    When I see my doctor in mid June, she will be doing a saliva choline test. I will be interested to see the outcome. Will have her check on Galantamine (Nivalin). She is an integrative medicine physician.

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