Inflammation Caused by Stealth Infection

Even though at this point I am sure that psoriasis is caused by hypercoagulation often caused by endotoxins leaking through the damaged small intestine to the blood, in this post I am going to explain this process in more interesting way.

What is psoriasis or what accompanies the psoriasis?

– Inflammation!

And what is the point to trigger the inflammation?

– Inflammation is something like an alarm to wake up the immune system to go to work.

After the problem is over the inflammation should stop.

If this scenario is universal for the body in all circumstances then why there is permanent inflammation in case of psoriasis?

– There is just one answer – because there is always some problem that needs to be addressed – something should be solved by immune system and that is why immune system constantly pushes the alarm button.

What is that problem?…

Endotoxins vs. mycotoxins, bacterial toxins and other toxins

bacteriaLPS (endotoxins) as cause of psoriasis is also the theory of the Hungarian scientist Lorand Bertok. But there may be also some other toxin – mycotoxin, bacterial toxin – that wakes up the immune system. The difference between endotoxins and mycotoxins or some other toxins is profound.

Endotoxins themselves cause massive inflammatory reaction in the body because the immune system sees them as invaders. Coagulation cascade starts and we are in the process of thick blood->tissue hypoxia->organ malfunction (stomach digestion, liver function and small intestine enzymes production is impaired).

Mycotoxins, bacterial toxins and chemicals may cause psoriasis mostly indirectly by poisoning the nervous system rather than causing the thick blood. However, they can cause thickening of the blood by many different ways.

Bacterial endotoxins cause massive inflammation but fungal infection usually (if it is not very invasive and did not spread much) causes just low-level chronic inflammation.

Infection of the small intestine?

Actually, I would consider SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth – as an infection of the small intestine. Low bile flow cause bacterial and fungal overgrowth in small intestine and I think that we should consider this as a real infection.bugs

It does not matter that there is (usually) no massive inflammation from SIBO like in sepsis. The point is that SIBO cause the low level whole body inflammation that causes hypercoagulation, hypoxia, viral reactivation, energy deprivation, nutrient deprivation, toxic waste removal problems, impaired cellular metabolism, etc.. and all that leads to various diseases.

Immunosuppression caused by infection

Mycotoxins or other toxins does not usually cause massive inflammation. They are more stealthy and are even immunosuppressive – they weaken the immune system.

Drug ciclosporin used in “autoimmune” diseases is actually mycotoxin of Tolypocladium inflatum fungus that lives usually in soil.

Grains are often contaminated with mycotoxins. Another problem is Glyphosate that is often applied shortly before harvesting.

Grains are often contaminated with mycotoxins. Glyphosate is often applied shortly before harvesting.

Just imagine what would happen if some bacterial toxin or mycotoxin is produced constantly in your body by stealthy infection? Root canal teeth provide great opportunity for various bacterial and even fungal pathogens to survive outside the reach of the immune system because your “great” doctor made you keep the rotting teeth in your mouth.

After some time (weeks or months, rarely years) of body being affected by these toxins that poison the immune system the disease appears. Weakened immune system allows progressively secondary pathogens to survive in the blood and tissues and proliferate. Latent viruses may reactivate and cause chronic diseases.

Then even though some infection may be present the immune system is too weakened (paralyzed) to clean it up so maybe the most it can do is just make pro-inflammatory cytokines signalizing the problem. And make them a lot because poisoned immune cells don’t “listen” to the signals mediated by inflammatory cytokines.

Methotrexate and ciclosporin amongst the others just make the immune system weak enough that it is not able to produce inflammatory cytokines and immune cells in required amounts so besides the “positive” effects on psoriasis or arthritis the another effect is frequent infections even in summer.

Viruses and cell wall deficient pathogens

Even common viruses may become very stubborn in immunodeficient people. Toxicity and nutritional deficiencies create very comfortable field for opportunistic viruses.

Reactivated viruses may cause various symptoms – fatigue, pains, fever, autoimmune diseases, etc.. and of course – increase blood coagulation. That in turn weakens the whole body because oxygen deprived tissues underperform in all tasks they are intended to do.

The road to cure

Omega 3 fats, vitamin D3, B-complex, lecithin, bile acids, neem, silymarin, lactoferrin, whey protein,…

fish_oilFirstly it’s important to resolve the deficiencies – omega 3, zinc, iron, fat soluble vitamins and B-complex vitamins are depleted in many people on standard diets without any additional nutrition.

Neem leaf is great blood thinner so it greatly helps the body in oxygenation of the tissues.

Enzymes like serrapeptase is perfect for thick blood and scar tissue. Oregano oil is potent antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral natural treatment. More information you can find in my INFOGRAPHIC.

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