Rhodiola Significantly Boosts Libido, Improves Erections and Psoriasis

Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction goes along many chronic health problems. Psoriasis is just one of the diseases that are very often accompanied with erectile problems and low libido even in young adults.

Rhodiola rosea is very powerful herb for marked improvement in sex drive and better erections. For a lot of men it works excellently and you wouldn’t believe it is just a herb and not some man-made patented drug.

Actually there are not many published articles about these effects of Rhodiola rosea in medical journals.

The question is why?

I think the answer is: it is not patentable and it brings a lot of money to sell patented drugs for erectile dysfunction and perhaps testosterone shots or gels for low libido.

Rhodiola rosea boosts libido

Actually improvements in libido and erections are usually not the reasons why most people take Rhodiola supplements. Its adaptogenic properties are probably the top reason why people start taking Rhodiola. Stress, fatigue, mental and physical performance are the most common issues people try combat with this herb.

Most scientific studies are focused on researching the anti-stress properties of Rhodiola and many of them already proved that regular administration of Rhodiola rosea significantly reduces common stress-related physiological processes. [1,2]

Stress, depression and anxiety are listed as major causes of erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. That is very possible truth but the point is to understand why stress causes erectile problems.

The answer is simple – it is all about the nervous system. Autonomic Nervous System uses the same neurotransmitters – adrenaline, noradrenaline and acetylcholine – for managing the many processes running in the whole body.

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