How to Buy Only the Best Supplements

Many psoriatics still do not get it and buy a lot of ineffective supplements in hope of cure their psoriasis.

I really can not stand how many people are buying overpriced, low quality and ineffective nutritional and herbal supplements.

This is not an issue of some particular brand or vendor of the supplements. It is more about the approach many customers have when buying the supplements.

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Here is a few tips for you…so do not buy this…and buy rather that…

How to buy the best psoriasis supplements

1. Proprietary blend, matrix or formula

Do not buy supplements which do not state the content of the bottle on the label.

I really do not believe that amount of ingredients used in the supplements is something which should be kept secret to customer. The producers of supplements should compete with quality of the raw material and price and not fooling the customer with intentionally misleading labels.

For example imagine some amino acids supplement (shake) without the disclosed amount of each amino acid. What is the purpose of that?

The first thing that come up to my mind is that most of that amino acid shake supplement consist of something like glucose, maltodextrin, taurine,… all very cheap ingredients which can be used to add bulk to the product without affecting the costs too much.

2. Buy herbal supplements as dried herbs, not in the capsules

If you can then buy dried herbs in bulk which are usually cheaper and more fresh than those in the capsules. However, if there are some herbs you can not get from nowhere else but as the supplement in capsules then you can use those too.

Just keep in mind that herbs should be prepared by boiling in water so consider opening the capsules and make the tea or decoction.

Boiling the herbal or plant material will get you more effect than just taking “raw” encapsulated herb.

3. Kidney cleanse, liver support, hair support, healthy nails…

Please do yourself a favor and if you want to buy some teas or herbal supplements for kidneys, liver, lymph or whatever else then prepare your own herbal mix.

It is much cheaper, you will know the quality of the ingredients you use and you can adjust the ratio of each herb in the mix.

Having the herbal supplement in capsules for some condition may be convenient but if it is not an extract of the herb then you take likely very low amount of the active ingredients and you bought very overpriced supplement, too.

The same goes about the supplements for healthy hair or nails. Just read the labels and learn what ingredients those supplements contain.

In very most cases it is always the same – B-complex, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, gelatin,… Those are actually like multivitamins just with a different name on the label and usually significantly more expensive.

4. Supplements with low amount of active ingredient

Why would you pay for volume and not for the active ingredient?

Iodine supplements are one of the best examples of this.

Elemental iodine and potassium iodide are relatively cheap chemicals and if you make a Lugol’s solution then you can make easily 30x more money by selling it than was the cost of the ingredients (iodine, potassium iodide, bottle with dropper and water).

Most liquid Iodine supplements are very diluted and the content of whole bottle has just about 50mg-100mg of elemental Iodine.

If you want to take iodine in tablets I would buy Potassium Iodide supplement and take just a 1/4 of tablet per day. One 30mg tablet of Potassium Iodide contains about 23mg of elemental Iodine so if you divide it to 4 parts you will get about 5.7

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