Lymphatic System Congestion, Adrenal “Fatigue” and Liver in Psoriasis

Psoriasis is considered to be a very complex disease involving the lymphatic system congestion, adrenal fatigue and liver dysfunction. It all depends upon the perspective you want to look at these symptoms together named as psoriasis.

Science has proved many times that chronic inflammatory diseases are caused by inflammation… Well, what else could cause inflammatory diseases, right?

The drugs whether prescription or over-the-counter, both are relatively very effective for psoriasis and other chronic inflammatory diseases and they put those diseases into remission.

So, why is there still so many people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases?

Well, the top anti-inflammatory drugs currently available to patients are biologic drugs. The prices of those drugs are so high that most people can not get a prescription because “their case is not so serious”, yet.

Another problem with the biologic drugs as with any other drug is that they have their “side effects”. And those side effects are probably the most common reason why people have to stop taking those drugs after some time.

And guess what?

The symptoms of the diseases come back almost immediately after discontinuation of the drug.


Because the inflammation is no longer blocked with the drug and those drugs didn’t do anything to resolve the cause of that inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory drugs just block the inflammatory pathways (which are induced by something), but do nothing against the cause of inflammation.

So how to get rid of psoriasis and other chronic inflammatory conditions?


Just cool off the inflammation…I mean resolve the cause of that inflammation.

Yes, I know it is a lot easier to say than to perform this task. If you did not read it yet, I strongly recommend you to read my previous article “Nervous System starts and stops the Inflammation not only in Psoriasis”. There you will learn that the nervous system is the master regulator of inflammation. And then you will understand why adrenal glands after prolonged stress or an acute massive stress experience (which leads to PTSD) leave the body vulnerable to chronic inflammatory diseases.

How to cool off the inflammation?

Well, there is a lot of ways how to do that, so to speak.

Some of those ways are healthy and recommended and some are really bad or even very stupid.

Those recommended ways how to get rid of inflammation are:

1) Resolve the dental infections!!! Really the most important factor in any chronic disease!
2) Restore the liver health, intestinal health and nervous system function.

I believe that those two steps above are really the only thing needed for recovery in very most cases of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Depending on your genes and liver function you may feel OK even with leaky gut and dental infections.

It is all about the liver…


As long as the liver can keep up with the detoxification and elimination of endotoxins (leaking from the dental infections or small intestine) from the blood there is no reason for chronic inflammation. But once the (endo)toxins start overloading the liver, the body (nervous system) induces a chronic widespread inflammation.

I believe that unhealthy gut flora which interferes with proper B-vitamins production contributes to this a lot. That’s why I consider good B-complex supplement as the most important supplement for chronic inflammation.

In my previous post “Subclinical Vitamin Deficiencies and Neurotoxins” you can read how detrimental effects on the body the vitamin B1 and vitamin B3 deficiencies may have.

The inflammation may be caused by many different elements

Chemicals, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, but what is the most common cause of inflammation?

It is the INFECTION (SIBO, yeast and fungal overgrowth, dental infections)!

If one follows a healthy diet but still have a chronic inflammation in the body then that diet is probably not

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