Coconut Water and Oil: The Potent Anti-Inflammatories For Psoriasis

Psoriatics don’t know the fact that coconut has some substances in it which markedly improve or even cure psoriasis in some people as soon as after a few weeks of use (2 – 6 weeks). And it is not just psoriasis but also the other inflammatory conditions which get much better with eating the coconut products especially coconut water and coconut oil.

How does coconut make it so well in many other health problems?

In case of Alzheimer’s disease it is thought that fat – the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) – acts as an alternative energy source for the neurons.

But what about its positive effects on other diseases?

What about its positive effects on psoriasis?

If you read my previous blog posts you already know that I consider psoriasis to be more an Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction rather than the immune problem.

In my theory the immune system causes a lot of inflammation due to the endotoxins which leads also to low ATP production and as you may know neurons are very sensitive to ATP (energy) deficits. Low energy produced in the neurons leads to malfunction and one type of that malfunction is psoriasis (at least that’s my opinion). That’s why psoriasis often spreads symmetrically on both sides of the body.

So, maybe the coconut oil works for psoriasis exactly the same way (as an alternative energy source) as it is thought in Alzheimer’s disease.

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