Taurine Decreases Inflammation In Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not the most common term you hear when you read about the effects of taurine on health. You read usually about its positive effects on nervous system, liver (bile production and bile flow), heart but less about anti-inflammatory and possibly anti-psoriatic effects of taurine I am going to present here right now.

Psoriasis as you probably know from this blog is caused by Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction which in turn is (usually if not always) caused by systemic inflammation.

This inflammation is caused mostly by endotoxins (LPS) – the molecules from gram-negative bacteria – which if not removed by liver induce the inflammatory cascade resulting in production of TNF-alpha, NFkappaB, prostaglandins, interleukins and histamine.

Inflammation is good if it is fully controlled by our bodies, however, once it gets out of control for any reason it leads to various symptoms we call diseases.

Psoriasis is just one symptom of that out of control inflammation.

It makes sense that we may want to decrease that inflammation with supplements, diet and herbs; in order to get out of the vicious circle.

Taurine for psoriasis

Taurine is one of those supplements which may greatly help us with that task. A big advantage of this supplement is that it is relatively cheap compared to most others solutions and it is very effective.

The other two of 3 most common reasons of inflammation besides the endotoxins or infection are deficiency and toxicity – but this is not the topic of this blog post.


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Even though I have mentioned the term “reperfusion injury” before on this blog in relation to psoriasis I will give you an explanation of what it is here because you will meet with this term further below in this post.

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