Vegans, Raw and Fruitarians have Anxiety Disorders

I really mean it – a lot of vegans, fruitarians, raw foodists and other kinds of similar creatures have anxiety which they cope with by carefully watching what they eat.

This is a form of OCD combined with anorexia which both belongs to anxiety type of disorders.

I don’t know how did I end up following some people on Facebook but I really like it!

So many manipulative, stupid and crazy wall posts coming from them…

I really like how people comment under those posts and discuss about simple things the way it is very funny and sad at the same time.

Those people have anxiety and they cope with it following the vegan and raw/fruit “visions”. And I mean visions not diets because their “diets” are more like religions, visions and the ways and tools how to fulfill their lives with something!

It is not a coincidence that there is so many single people in raw, vegan and fruitarian communities…


Because those people are usually more anxious and obsessed about food…

It would be a deal breaker for them if a partner ate a steak or boiled broccoli or even a raw broccoli (in case of fruitarians).

Is it really the feeling of eating 100% fruit, raw or plant based diet so important for you?

Or maybe you just pretend to be it so important but in the end you know it is crazy?

Following those lifestyle choices makes you even more anxious because you actually strip your life of much more than a “certificate of being on 100% raw/vegan/fruit diet”.

Who cares about you being 100% RAW or vegan?

Nobody else but you!

You know the good old joke tells everything about them…

How do you know if someone is a vegan?
Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

Vegans have anxiety?

A big problem with any specific restrictive diet is a high chance of making yourself a deficient in some nutrient.

Most people think usually only about the vitamins, minerals or trace minerals. However, being deficient in essential omega fatty acids and amino acids (protein) is very hard on the body as well and it is usually overlooked.

OK, do not start arguing that there is a lot of positive reports on reduction or even cure of anxiety and depression since going vegan or raw or whatever…

I am sure some people improved for whatever reason following the whatever diet.

Here, I am going to show you how many negative reports there are about the vegan, raw or fruitarian diet.

You can find more just – search for something like “vegans anxiety” or
“vegans anxiety nih” on Google.

TESTIMONIALS: Vegetarian diet is bad

I have had cases of anxiety but never associated becoming a vegan with it. But now reading up on it there seems to be a connection. I really hope that someone who’s more of an expert can help in explaining how to deal with it. Glad we are all in this forum and can discuss this candidly.

by Annabellam, Feb 9, 2017


I’ve developed pretty severe anxiety and panic attacks since I started following a vegan diet

Ever since I started following a vegan diet around 6 months ago, my mental health has been a shit show. I had my first ever panic attack a few nights ago – something that I never used to struggle with, and I feel really anxious and depressed most of the time now.

I feel like I get enough protein, and I take a vegan supplement that has vitamins D and B12.

Has anyone else experienced this? How did you fix/stop it (besides starting medication)?

by abatleaf


I think to follow up with the perfectly worded top comment, I just finished up my first total vegan month and I have a lot of physical and mental health issues to keep in

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