Vegans, Raw and Fruitarians have Anxiety Disorders

I really mean it – a lot of vegans, fruitarians, raw foodists and other kinds of similar creatures have anxiety which they cope with by carefully watching what they eat.

This is a form of OCD combined with anorexia which both belongs to anxiety type of disorders.

I don’t know how did I end up following some people on Facebook but I really like it!

So many manipulative, stupid and crazy wall posts coming from them…

I really like how people comment under those posts and discuss about simple things the way it is very funny and sad at the same time.

Those people have anxiety and they cope with it following the vegan and raw/fruit “visions”. And I mean visions not diets because their “diets” are more like religions, visions and the ways and tools how to fulfill their lives with something!

It is not a coincidence that there is so many single people in raw, vegan and fruitarian communities…


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