Ibuprofen: Barney’s Formula For Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be significantly improved, cured, cleared up or put into a remission if you want with anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen. Psoriasis cause is all about the excessive inflammation and Ibuprofen is one of the most popular anti-inflammatory drugs.

Usually it is a headache, tooth pain or achy back what makes you take a pill containing ibuprofen but the underlying causes – production of inflammatory mediators – are very similar in psoriasis as well.

This blog post is not intended to make you think that taking ibuprofen is good for psoriasis or that it is a cure.

I do NOT recommend taking Ibuprofen for psoriasis because it has some nasty (side) effects like – stomach ulcers, kidney failure and heart attack!

Ibuprofen is considered relatively safe only when taken occasionally to suppress the acute pain. It is not intended and safe for regular or even daily use and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases!

The sad truth is that doctors are commonly prescribing it for joint pain which leads to further deterioration of the joint function because ibuprofen blocks the processes involved in repairing of the various tissues; including the cartilage.

Ibuprofen for hangovers

It’s nothing very surprising that Ibuprofen can cure psoriasis in a few weeks or months in some cases. It is a potent anti-inflammatory drug… and psoriasis is just a symptom of inflammation.

Even hangovers caused by excessive alcohol consumption can be significantly ameliorated by ibuprofen.

The off-label use of Ibuprofen for hangovers was mentioned also by Dr. Stewart – the head scientist of team who developed Ibuprofen in early 1960’s.

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