How AIDS Leads To Psoriasis

Psoriasis is reported to be more prevalent in HIV infected population compared to HIV negative population.

What is a paradox the scientists are trying to resolve?

How is it that immunocompromised patients develop the disease which is considered to be caused by overactive immune system…?

There are only two possible reasonable explanations which come to my mind:

  • Psoriasis is not a disease of immune system in the first place
  • HIV infection does not cause the breakdown of all immune system mechanisms

Does HIV virus exist and does it cause AIDS?

Some of you may even question the real cause of AIDS or existence of the HIV virus but in this post I won’t go into that.

Sure, there is a lot of reasonable discussion about the origin of HIV virus which is known and generally accepted as the cause of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

If you are interested in this topic I would recommend you to read the book “Inventing the AIDS Virus” by Peter H. Duesberg and watch the talk by Dr. Robert Willner, MD who presented the unconventional views on AIDS and HIV on conference in Los Angeles in 1994.



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