Vitamin B2 As A Possible Psoriasis Cure

Riboflavin as a potential psoriasis cure was researched in a few studies published in the 1950’s. The results of some were very encouraging and many psoriatics significantly improved their state using riboflavin treatment!

In the end of this blog post you will find out which riboflavin supplements might be the most effective for psoriasis.

Riboflavin-Psoriasis study by MERLIN T-R. MAYNARD, M.D

The most positive results were published by MERLIN T-R. MAYNARD, M.D. who have not reported how long it took to clear up psoriasis in his patients but riboflavin definitely worked.

He decided to try riboflavin in his patients as he learned about it being present in psoriasis plaques in high amounts.

I located one article published in 1942, in the Schweiz. Med. Woehensehrift (1), in which the author found that riboflavin was demonstrated in increased amounts in the plaques and scales of psoriasis by spectrometer examination: this is hard to explain, and on its face would seem to be a possible contra-indication to the use of riboflavin in the treatment of the disease.
” [1]

At the time he was writing the results for publication more than 200 of his psoriasis patients received or were receiving riboflavin.

At the time of the writing of this paper I have treated over two hundred eases, but due to incomplete follow up have only one hundred and forty-eight such eases on which to base this study. All these eases were given injections of riboflavin (5-10 mgm. intramuscularly, usually once weekly) as a basic treatment. It has also been given orally in daily dosage coincident with the injections. In all eases local treatment has been dispensed with until proof of the patient’s response is established, and then only used on “survival lesions,” or in a few instances for faster cosmetic effect.
” [1]

Image extracted from study “PSORIASIS TREATED BY RIBOFLAVIN” published by MERLIN T-R. MAYNARD, M.D in 1951.


This very positive results with riboflavin treatment made other doctors try this b-vitamin for their patients as well.

Psoriasis – Riboflavin Study by Herbert A. Luscombe, MD

Doctor HERBERT A. LUSCOMBE, MD published his observation with back then new – coenzymated (phosphorylated) form of riboflavin – administered to patients intramuscularly (by injection into the muscle) at dosage of 50mg of riboflavin once a week.

Relatively recent discoveries on the mode of action of riboflavin have suggested its use in some of the scaly skin diseases of

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