Psoriasis, Ray Peat, Fish Oil and Undigested Starch Toxicity

Recently I have had a discussion via e-mail with one of the readers of this psoriasis blog. It worked out as a great debate so I asked Ross if he let me publish our conversation. He agreed so you can read an interesting debate full of ideas about fish oil, psoriasis, inflammation, coconut oil, endotoxins, starch toxicity and Ray Peat recommendations.



Hi John

I want to think you for introducing me to the ideas of Ray Peat. I think he has a lot of very interesting things to say that are relevant to psoriasis, and to good health in general. I note that some of the things he says are inconsistent with some of your earlier suggestions, so I commend you for being open minded. It is not easy, or indeed common, to have such intellectual flexibility, so well done!

Best regards.



Thank you, Ross!

If you want to go ahead and do the best work possible in any area you need to be open minded and never think you got something that is 100% truth and can never be changed.

May I ask you for some “inconsistent” suggestions of mine? I want to get as much feedback as possible so if you do not mind, please, share anything what comes on your mind.

I listen to Ray Peat interviews on YouTube almost daily and he surely knows a lot as he is in the business for about 50 years.

One very interesting topic is “The Persorption of Starch” by Gerhard Volkheimer. Search about it on Google and you will understand why I strive for enzymes, thinning the blood and fighting the hypoxia since 2013 when I started my blog.

Ray Peat mentioned this topic as well. If you had any questions, please, let me know.

The more feedback and questions I get the better.

Here is what I posted on my Facebook a week ago:

I will publish new articles in the next few days and weeks. It just takes very long to put the articles together as I want them to be the “evergreens”.

I write a lot articles at the time so not one by one. I want them to be (almost) perfect in a way that I will have no need in the future to rewrite and edit them.
What can I say new what I researched during the past few months?

1. Lecithin, B-complex and bile flow (artichoke leaf extract) and Ursodeoxycholic acid (if one can get prescribed some) are all essentials!

We already know that, but what can make a great improvement is using coenzymated form of b-complex. Source Naturals brand produce probably the best B-complex I know about. Especially Thiamine as CoCarboxylase makes a huge difference in (ANS) nervous system function.

2. Urine (and sauna) can expel a lot of toxins responsible for psoriasis. Thiamine (cocarboxylase) helps with that. Urine become darker as thiamin probably makes the lymphatic system much more effective!

It is known that Beri Beri (a thiamine deficiency) has one very interesting symptom in relation to lymph – swollen legs! Which means that a lot of fluid in the body is not filtered by the kidneys!You can read about the lymphatic system and inflammation induced nitric oxide effects on lymphatic vessels!

3. Iron toxicity – iron is toxic to liver and I will publish some articles how to lower the toxic levels of iron in the body.

Thank you for your support and feedback which helps me to research and write!

How are you now?

What supplements do you take?




Hi John

Thanks for your email. I look forward to reading your new articles.

One of the big things that Ray Peat advocates is avoiding polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). I think this may be inconsistent with your recommendation to supplement with fish oil?


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