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PREMIUM Membership

For more than 3 and a half years all of the blog posts on this website were available for free. However, in order to keep up with writing the new articles while maintaining the quality of the content high the blog needs some financial support.

Therefore a lot of the future articles will be available just for those users who are willing to pay for the content.


Creating the content on this topic is expensive and time consuming.

The amount of money spent to create the content already published on this blog counts the thousands of dollars and more than 5 000 hours spent researching and writing.

One longer and better quality article takes about 10 hours to write and publish.

It is obvious I am not a native English speaker so grammar quality does not have to necessarily correlate with the quality of the blog content!

How this blog continues

  • The best articles will be strictly just for those readers who buy the PREMIUM Membership.
  • Occasionally some articles which were in FREE Access Section may be moved to PREMIUM Content Section and some articles from PREMIUM Content Section may be moved to FREE Access Section. This measure should ensure that the PREMIUM Content Section will contain only the best articles with high informational value.
  • Initial Sign-Up for Premium Membership - FULL ACCESS and a first month Subscription is 49 USD.
  • The price for each additional 1 month (30 days) Subscription is 19 USD (monthly billing). You may cancel the recurring payments ANYTIME, even before the first recurring payment.
  • Alternatively if you do not want the FULL ACCESS you may buy the access to individual articles only.
  • The buyer of Premium Membership - FULL ACCESS will obtain the full access to ALL articles in PREMIUM Content Section.
  • The number of new articles published during the period of Paid Subscription is not defined.
  • Subscriber pay to access already written blog posts.
  • Subscriber who will buy the PREMIUM Membership does NOT pay for the future posts but already PUBLISHED posts even though he/she will get an access to ALL new articles published in PREMIUM Content Section during the SUBSCRIPTION Period. This means that if you bought the PREMIUM Membership and the number of new articles published in PREMIUM Content Section during your SUBSCRIPTION Period (1 month; 30 days) would be lower than you expected you CAN NOT ask for REFUND!

Disclaimer and your responsibility

  • The author of the articles on this blog is NOT a doctor (MD) neither a professional scientists.
  • The content published on this blog is strictly for informational and entertaining purposes only and is not intended as a source of professional medical advice!
  • All content on this blog is protected by copyright laws!
  • Please, do not distribute the content of this blog in ANY form. This applies to both the FREE Access Section and PREMIUM Content Section.
  • Do NOT share your access password with ANYBODY. Violation of this will lead to termination of your PAID Subscription and user account without ANY FINANCIAL REFUND!

What you get for 19 USD per month?

  • Access to PREMIUM Content Section - to all already published articles - and all future articles in PREMIUM Content Section published during your SUBSCRIPTION Period.
  • INFOGRAPHIC in PDF (ask for it via e-mail:
  • No Advertisement. Affiliate links to recommended products will be still present in paid articles.
  • ENJOY Your Subscription!


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