Monthly Archive: April 2014

Selenium for Glutathione and Antiviral Effects

The first two words that come up to my mind when I hear selenium are: glutathione and antiviral. Exactly those two things I consider as major advantages when it comes to selenium supplementation not just in psoriasis. It is a well known fact that selenium and vitamin E are very...

Even If Psoriasis Disappears Leaky Gut May Stay

Dairy and leaky gut In my theory the cause of psoriasis is toxic body and the main source of toxicity comes from the intestines (if not from tooth infection). If there is (mostly) in the small intestine the bacterial overgrowth due to low digestive enzymes and bile flow then bacteria...

The Symptoms Of Psoriasis

Symptoms of the disease are good since they can give us a hint what is bad. Even psoriasis is just a symptom of something. And if you are reading this blog carefully you will know the cause of psoriasis.