Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Causes

OK, so according to my theory about psoriasis pathogenesis there is the underlying Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction that allows the skin infecting pathogens to cause dry, red, itchy and scaling plaques to appear. As I have mentioned before it is quite possible that psoriasis is some kind of fungal infection of the skin that tricks the nerves in the skin (because of ANS dysfunction due to toxicity, deficiency and mostly hypoxia from thick blood) to constrict the capillaries -> decreased blood flow in the skin. Then fungus on the skin...

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Fungal Infection and Systemic Inflammation

You probably read a lot about the drugs blocking various cytokines present in immune reactions that are involved in psoriasis pathogenesis. It known that SIBO (endotoxins from small intestine), bacterial toxins from root canal tooth or some other dental infection are able to initiate those types of immune reactions. Antifungal immunity But there is also another type of pathogen that may cause chronic inflammation – fungus. Blastomyces dermatitidis, Aspergillus species, Cryptococcus species, Candida species, Histoplasma capsulatum or Pneumocystis jirovecii amongst many others. I found the following image that clearly shows

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