Monthly Archive: August 2014


What Genes Cause Psoriasis

One big problem even with many natural therapists and people using the natural methods to improve their psoriasis or well being is that they are always trying to suppress something (genetic expression?). They want to label the symptoms they have, they want to name the disease they have and then...


TV Shows Know How To Cure Psoriasis Fast

It’s hard to know where to start with this silly comedy so I say that I am huge supporter of quality medical research and finding the best and fastest acting cures for all diseases. However the foundations are not the best ways to do it. It makes more sense to...


Patent Application Published in 2006 Describes Effective Treatment for Many Chronic Diseases

This is unbelievable I have independently to Stephen Wills (the applicant and inventor of the patent application “Treating microvasculature diseases with acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors” under patent number CA 2597566 A1) concluded the same about treatment of many chronic (including autoimmune considered) diseases. I don’t think that I am only the...