Adrenaline: The Effects of Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Receptors on Vasoconstriction and Blood Flow in Psoriasis

Adrenaline plays a big role in psoriasis – whether it is the adrenaline released due to emotional stress or adrenaline released due to hypoglycemic episodes. The levels of adrenaline are statistically higher in psoriatics than healthy people or people with some other skin diseases. There are two types of adrenaline receptors – Alpha and Beta receptors. The two specific types I want to talk about in this article are – Alpha adrenergic receptor (mostly Alpha-1) and Beta-2 adrenergic receptor. Alpha adrenergic receptors One of the jobs of Alpha adrenergic receptors

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10 Reasons Against Healing with Raw Food Diet

1. Generations adapted to cooked foods Whether you like it or not humans evolved to the point where many of us need to eat cooked food to feel satisfied. It is not just about the fact that we need more energy to carry on our daily schedules but also our digestive tracts adapted to cooked foods over the thousands of years and now we are capable of digesting the cooked starches (rice, potatoes, various grains) or cooked protein (meat, beans, lentils or eggs); and if we tried to eat raw

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“Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis” by Mikhail Peslyak

* Featured Image source: Mikhail Peslyak, Recently, I have been asked what I thought about the extensive psoriasis papers from Russian author Mikhail Peslyak. The link to his free PDF papers are on his website – I know the work of Mr. Peslyak for years and I must say that it is that great somebody wrote the paper like he did. I, myself know that you must spent hundreds or even thousands of hours of research and writing to be able to complete the work like Mr. Peslyak

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Adrenal Fatigue Is Bacterial Infection

This post will be just a short overview why you should stop hunting the useless supplements and protocols for adrenal “fatigue”: Animal glandular tissue, hormone replacement therapies, infinite B12 injections, Rhodiola rosea, Siberian ginseng, licorice root, etc…. Don’t get me wrong some of those supplements are very helpful when used right but rarely completely resolve the underlying problem. They may work for some time and after that people usually just up the dosages in hope they need to take “more of this and more of that” to get better. You...

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Hair Loss Causes in Psoriasis

* Featured Image source: Fox, George Henry (1886) Photographic illustrations of skin diseases (2nd ed.) If you experience hair loss with your scalp psoriasis there may be actually 4 different causes: 1. Hair loss is not directly caused by psoriasis 2. Hair loss directly caused by damaged hair follicles – caused by psoriasis 3. Hair loss is caused by some disease like alopecia areata 4. Psoriasis drugs cause hair loss 1. Hair loss is not directly caused by psoriasis In this case the hair loss may not be directly connected

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